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Trades with Rhubarb Runner and BA Benny

Apologies guys for combining both trades into one post, but I’ve run late on this one long enough. My first trade was with Rhubarb Runner from e Reyhahn, Reyhahn, a blog I’ve enjoyed for quite awhile now. He contacted me with a trade proposal, and we worked something out, with an eye toward a future, larger trade, I hope (the holiday season is just kicking me around timewise). Here’s a sample of what he sent!


2009 Topps Traded Gold


Very cool, goes straight into the Zim collection. I dig it.


2009 Topps Gold


And then here’s that OTHER Zim. I’m always happy to get Jordan’s cards, and I like this one a lot – I feel the photo works a lot better with the gold borders than the white ones.


2010 Topps Opening Day Blue


I think this was my first Opening Day blue card for this year, and I like it a lot. I may try to collect the entire team set.

And the centerpiece of the trade on my end. Everts never really panned out to be much, but I’ve been trying to get his autograph and GU for awhile now; I like obtaining stuff like this from obscure players almost as much as the All Stars, and it’s a nice addition to the collection. Thanks, David! I still plan to dig through that

Okay, now to Mike’s trade. Mike, of course, runs BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet and Pack Rip Cafe, both of which are great blogs worth checking out. This was actually our second trade, a follow-up to our previous trade. This began when I saw he had broken a box of 2010 Topps Update and scored some Nationals and Senators that I wanted. Let’s look at the targets first:


2010 Topps Traded Gold


Well, duh. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to part with this one, but I appreciate that he did. It’s definitely going to occupy a cherished spot in my collection, especially as it has both Stras and Zim on the same card. Very cool.

That coloring job is horrific, but I will always ALWAYS want a card with The Big Train on it. Walter Johnson was the man.


Original Back


I’ll also always want cards with Killebrew as a National/Senator. He was in Washington for such a brief time that these cards, even reprints, are always a treat.

There were a few other update cards, but that was the core of what I wanted. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trade without a few throw-ins, and he threw in a LOT of cards. My favorite, and what turned out to be my favorite of the package even ahead of the Strasburg, is this:

Detwiler will likely not become much, but this is cool because I have the non-gold edition of this card…putting the gold next to the regular is incredibly sweet. Like I said, sometimes it’s not about the player’s star power; there are lots of other factors.

1999 Bowman Chrome International

The 98 and 99 Bowman Chrome International cards are AWESOME, and this one is no exception.

2006 Topps Own the Game

2006 Topps Stars

A couple of cool 06 Topps inserts.

2006 Topps Trading Places

Another insert that seemed highly appropriate next to Soriano.

2007 Bowman Heritage Refractor/Rainbow

Are these refractors or rainbow cards? I’m never quite sure. Either way, love the set, and I like Jesus Flores. I keep holding out hope he’s not injured again.

There was a lot more stuff, but this is all I really have room for. Thanks a lot, guys! I hope you enjoy what I sent your way.



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Trade with Cards on Cards

Awhile back I made a deal with Kerry from Cards on Cards to send some 2003 Topps needs that he had…and promptly forgot the deal. With my busy schedule, it happens. Well, imagine my surprise when a huge package of cards showed up last Friday! It’s taken me awhile to get these scanned, but I’m ready to show some of what he sent (most of which I actually needed)…

2009 Topps Heritage

Remember how I said I had gotten one of only two Stammen cards that I was aware of? Well, this is the other one, so I now have a “complete” Stammen set. Not to mention I didn’t realize how little 2009 Topps Heritage I had. He also included this nice Detwiler…

He also included a few players I didn’t have, including this Mike Thurman:

2002 MLB Showdown

But here is, by far, the COOLEST thing he included. Man, these are just awesome to behold:

That is not the 1978 Topps Gary Carter; it’s the 1978 O-Pee-Chee. In fact, he included a whole mess of 78 OPC that’s…well, it’s amazing. It’s so crazy to see an issue from the 70s with a higher-quality white card stock as opposed to the drab gray cardboard.

Of course, he included a lot of other awesome Expos and Nats cards, but we’ll save those for when it’s appropriate. He also included a whole mess of Reggie Jacksons (which I still need to put in binders).

So thanks a lot, Kerry!  These are some treasured cards.


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2008 Potomac Nationals Choice: Day 2

Onward and upward!

Castro had a .683 OPS at three levels at age 25 last year. This is not a future major leaguer.

Castro had a .683 OPS at three levels at age 25 last year. This is not a future major leaguer.

Davis is repeating AA at age 25, but had a .930 OPS across 3 levels last year.

Davis is repeating AA at age 25, but had a .930 OPS across 3 levels last year.

Ross Detwiler needs no introduction.

Ross Detwiler needs no introduction.

I always thought Frank would make it, but let's face it: his peripherals stink.

I always thought Frank would make it, but let's face it: his peripherals stink.

Everts was considered a legit prospect at one point, but I have no idea why. His numbers are no good.

Everts was considered a legit prospect at one point, but I have no idea why. His numbers are no good.

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2008 Upper Deck Team Set #2


Chad Cordero
2008 Upper Deck #164
Nationals Star
Position: RP
Bio/Summary: Not much to say about the Chief that I haven’t already said. He was a lot of fun to watch, and I’ll miss him, especially with Hanrahan stinking up the place on a regular basis.
Rating: 4/10 – Actually not so crazy about this picture. You can’t really see Chad’s face, and it’s from behind him, basically. Not sure who chose this one, but not the best.


Ross Detwiler
2008 Upper Deck #313
Nationals Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Oh, Ross Detwiler. What a weird case. The guy had it written into his contract that he had to be called up at the end of 2007, and in what little time he did get, he did okay, then he bombed big last year, and is now pretty far down on the prospect food chain. I expect to write more about him in the future, but for now, I’m not sure he’s ever going to be an important player for the Nationals. I guess we’ll see.
Rating: 8/10 – Love this card. I like the way the colors work together, I like the optimistic face of the rookie, and hell, I like seeing the old bouncing seats of RFK. I can imagine him sitting in on BP on the old field. Based on the fact that he’s wearing a watch, I’m wondering if this is from the time he threw out the first pitch at a game, not when he was actually in the majors. If so, I was at that game, July 6, 2007. Here’s a pic of Detwiler from that game, on the big screen:


Elijah Dukes
2008 Upper Deck #697
Nationals Lynchpin
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: The infamous Elijah Dukes. Aside from his off-field uhm…”issues”, I like him as a player. He can take a walk, he hits for power, he doesn’t strike out too much. I wasn’t crazy about getting him at first, but now that we have him, I’m pleasantly surprised. I have another card of him on the way, so he’ll get more time here.
Rating: 3/10 -Another picture that I’m not so crazy about. Why do they choose pictures where you can’t see the person’s face? It’s a basic no-no if you’re not showing the larger field of view.


Johnny Estrada
2008 Upper Deck #692
Nationals Also-Ran
Position: C
Bio/Summary: Ugh, look at that soul patch. For some reason I just want to punch him when I see him, heh. Estrada’s your basic light power, can’t draw a walk kind of player. He’s okay for a catcher, but from what I hear, his attitude more than detracts from what he can offer offensively.
Rating: 6/10 – Smugly face aside, I really like this kind of photo in this series (we’ll see some others). The red isn’t too much – it’s just so well balanced.

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