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The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 23 – Baltimore Orioles

Time for the last entry. The Orioles had Jose Bautista (not that one), Mike Morgan, Carl Nichols, Joe Orsulak, Oswald Peraza, Frank Robinson, Doug Sisk, Pete Stanicek, and Mickey Tettleton.

Not exactly a stellar collection of players. At least Orsulak and Tettleton would be regulars for the team for years. Orsulak didn’t play in the majors in 87, but hit .288/.331/.422 for the terrible 88 O’s team. For that team, that wasn’t that bad. Tettleton was a huge surprise, hitting .261/.330/.424, something that his performance with the A’s never hinted at.

Morgan was also a big pickup, but he bombed badly in 88. striking out only 29 in 71 innings. Pretty much par for the course for that team. Bautista was supposed to be a big deal, but never quite lived up to the hype. He went 6-15 in 1988, which is kind of deceptive given the weakness of that team; he had a serviceable 4.30 ERA and 91 ERA+, but his walk, k, and HR rates all presaged what would happen to his career.

Pete Stanicek is one of those players that I remember Orioles fans carrying on about back in the day, but he never really did much, playing only in 87 and 88. In 88 he hit .230/.313/.310, and he was done with the majors at age 25.

And that does it for the 1988 Project. Stay tuned for next week, when I’ll start the 1989 project…


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