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Trades with Rhubarb Runner and BA Benny

Apologies guys for combining both trades into one post, but I’ve run late on this one long enough. My first trade was with Rhubarb Runner from e Reyhahn, Reyhahn, a blog I’ve enjoyed for quite awhile now. He contacted me with a trade proposal, and we worked something out, with an eye toward a future, larger trade, I hope (the holiday season is just kicking me around timewise). Here’s a sample of what he sent!


2009 Topps Traded Gold


Very cool, goes straight into the Zim collection. I dig it.


2009 Topps Gold


And then here’s that OTHER Zim. I’m always happy to get Jordan’s cards, and I like this one a lot – I feel the photo works a lot better with the gold borders than the white ones.


2010 Topps Opening Day Blue


I think this was my first Opening Day blue card for this year, and I like it a lot. I may try to collect the entire team set.

And the centerpiece of the trade on my end. Everts never really panned out to be much, but I’ve been trying to get his autograph and GU for awhile now; I like obtaining stuff like this from obscure players almost as much as the All Stars, and it’s a nice addition to the collection. Thanks, David! I still plan to dig through that

Okay, now to Mike’s trade. Mike, of course, runs BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet and Pack Rip Cafe, both of which are great blogs worth checking out. This was actually our second trade, a follow-up to our previous trade. This began when I saw he had broken a box of 2010 Topps Update and scored some Nationals and Senators that I wanted. Let’s look at the targets first:


2010 Topps Traded Gold


Well, duh. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to part with this one, but I appreciate that he did. It’s definitely going to occupy a cherished spot in my collection, especially as it has both Stras and Zim on the same card. Very cool.

That coloring job is horrific, but I will always ALWAYS want a card with The Big Train on it. Walter Johnson was the man.


Original Back


I’ll also always want cards with Killebrew as a National/Senator. He was in Washington for such a brief time that these cards, even reprints, are always a treat.

There were a few other update cards, but that was the core of what I wanted. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trade without a few throw-ins, and he threw in a LOT of cards. My favorite, and what turned out to be my favorite of the package even ahead of the Strasburg, is this:

Detwiler will likely not become much, but this is cool because I have the non-gold edition of this card…putting the gold next to the regular is incredibly sweet. Like I said, sometimes it’s not about the player’s star power; there are lots of other factors.

1999 Bowman Chrome International

The 98 and 99 Bowman Chrome International cards are AWESOME, and this one is no exception.

2006 Topps Own the Game

2006 Topps Stars

A couple of cool 06 Topps inserts.

2006 Topps Trading Places

Another insert that seemed highly appropriate next to Soriano.

2007 Bowman Heritage Refractor/Rainbow

Are these refractors or rainbow cards? I’m never quite sure. Either way, love the set, and I like Jesus Flores. I keep holding out hope he’s not injured again.

There was a lot more stuff, but this is all I really have room for. Thanks a lot, guys! I hope you enjoy what I sent your way.


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1999 Baseball America Diamond Best


Tony Armas Jr.
1999 Baseball America Diamond Best #6
Category: Former National
Position: P
Bio/Summary: I came to loathe Tony Armas Jr., but since this is a minor league set, I will focus on minor league performance. This was Armas’ second year in the Montreal system after being dealt in the Pedro Martinez deal, and he did pretty well for a 21-year-old at AA, going 9-7 with a 2.89 ERA and 1.189 WHIP. Without an ERA+ or ML equivalency, I can’t say much more than that he looked pretty promising.
Rating: 5/10 – I tend to use a different calculus when judging minor league cards. Smaller distribution, less profit…and that cheap aesthetic can have a charm. I like this set – the big Baseball America logo makes me think of some set you would get in a magazine back in the day, and while the red gets a little obnoxious, I can forgive it. This shot, however, is pretty pedestrian. There are better ones in the set.


Peter Bergeron
1999 Baseball America Diamond Best #13
Failed Prospect
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Bergeron had a scorching 1999, going a combined .320/.396/.480 between AA and AAA. He also had 23 SBs…in 38 attempts. Ouch. What do the ML equivalencies have to say about his year? Let’s use Harrisburg as his baseline for that season. That projects out to a much less impressive .252/.321/.390. So you can see the guy had basically no power, which showed up later.
Rating: 4/10 – What’s up with this shot? Is it me or does that uniform look painted on? Or is it the helmet? So odd.


Milton Bradley
1999 Baseball America Diamond Best #16
Expos Star
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: 1999 was a good year for Milton Bradley. He showed evidence of really refining his approach at the plate, as his OBP hit the highest it had ever been. That discipline served him well, giving him a newfound power. He went .329/.391/.526 and knocked 12 homers, setting himup for his ML debut the next year.
Rating: 8/10 – Now this is what I’m talking about. The classic autograph shot, and the colors work well together here.

De la Rosa

Tomas De La rosa
1999 Baseball America Diamond Best #32
Failed Prospect
Position: IF
Bio/Summary: It was a good year in Harrisburg offensively; De La Rosa went .261/.320/.360 that year, hitting well above his head even then (and that’s not really that good). I’m guessing he had a good glove, even if it didn’t get him to stick at the ML level.
Rating: 7/10 – Decent action shot here. You don’t usually get that angle.


Fernando Seguignol
1999 Baseball America Diamond Best #9
Failed Prospect
Position: OF/1B
Bio/Summary: Sequignol was one of the offensive hearts of the 1999 Ottaway Lynx, knocking 23 home runs with a .962 OPS. He had a good OBP, and while his strikeouts were high, he had a decent amount of walks. Too bad he wouldn’t manage to do better in the majors.
Rating: 7/10 – Pretty common shot, but I give it extra points for the guys in the dugout. It just highlights the difference between a major league and minor league game – they’re so much closer to the field.

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Break: 1999 Best Baseball America Top 100

I picked up a box of this for cheap on eBay last week, and broke it yesterday. I just thought it would be fun – I actually picked up a couple of cool autos in the process!
Box topper – Scott Krause /150
Pack 1
Mike Glavine
Todd Dunn
Jose Santos
Mike Zywicka
Tim Drew
Dan McKinley
Pack 2
Chad Durham
Corey Lee
Ben Petrick
Chris Truby
Brett Tatt
Aubrey Huff
Pack 3
Junior Herndon
Efrain Alamo
Matt Drews
Kenny Kelly
Jerry Hairston Jr
Jin Ho Cho
Pack 4
Tomas De la Rosa
Joe Fontenot
Michael Cuddyer
Toby Hall
Pat Burrell
Bronson Arroyo
Pack 5
Nick Bierbrodt
John Patterson
Rob Bell
Randy Wolf
Brad Penny
Jackson Melian 
Pack 6
Tim DeCinces
Ben Davis
Matt White
Cliff Wilson
Juan Pena
Dan McKinley
Pack 7
Lance Berkman
Ron Belliard
Vernon Wells auto
Wells Auto
Sean Burroughs
Tim Drew
Chris Enochs
Pack 8
Paul Rigdon
Fernando Seguignol
Jason LaRue
Ryan Minor
Jason Middlebrook
Tony Armas, Jr.
Pack 9
Mike Huelsmann
Ben Davis
Todd Sears
Fletcher Bates
Joe Crede
Grant Roberts
Pack 10
 Ruben Mateo
Chin-Feng Chin
Carlos Lee
Alex Hernandez
Cesar Crespo
Kelly Dransfeldt
Pack 11
Arquimedez Pozo
Vladimir Nunez
Calvin Pickering/Ryan Anderson
Ryan Rupe
Juan Pena
Milton Bradley
Pack 12
Ryan Anderson
Mike Drumright
Paul Ah Yat
Kevin Barker
Francis Collins
Darnell McDonald
Pack 13
Giuseppe Chiaramonte
Eric Gillespie
Frankie Figueroa
Mike Bacsik
Kyle Peterson
Chad Harville
Russ Branyan
Pack 14
Josh Paul
Chip Alley
Pablo Ozuna
Brent Butler
Brett Tatt
Cordell Farley 
Pack 15
Willie Martinez
Todd Williams
Adam Kennedy Auto
Kennedy Auto
Damian Rolls
Carlos Pena
Jason Grote
Pack 16
Alex Eckelman
Peter Bergeron
Bubba Crosby
Scott Krause
Joe Crede
Octavio Dotel
Pack 17
Rick Ankiel
Corey Patterson
Brad Penny
Jayson Werth
Nate Rolison
Chad Hutchinson
Pack 18
Cody McKay
Bruce Chen
Kelly wunsch
Fletcher Bates
Nate Rolison
Angel Pena

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Failed Prospect #16: Fernando Seguignol


Fernando Seguignol
1998 Bowman International #394
Bio/Summary: When I pulled this card in 2004, I knew nothing of Seguignol – that tells you how quick was his rise and fall. Looking at his stats, I can see that he was a low-OBP, low-speed, high-power type. In 1998, he mashed 31 HR combined between AA and AAA, while managing an okay .357 OBP. The problem was that his OBP had really never been anything special before that; you could interpret it to mean that he was picking up a better eye at the plate, or that it was a fluke. Given his later production at the major league level, I’m going to guess it was a fluke.
How Did I Get It?: Box of 1998 Bowman.
Did You Know?: Seguignol helped the Nippon Ham Fighters won their first pennant in 25 years in 2006.
Rating: 5/10 – The concept is good, but I think they wasted it with the background and the kind of flat metallic sheen. Still, it’s not terrible, just mediocre.

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