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Weekend Breaks

Broke a lot of wax this weekend and scored some cool cards. Apparently, Chipper Jones was my destiny.

All of these except the Hornsby are available for trade if you’re interested.

2009 Topps Patch

2009 Topps Patch

2007 UD Game Materials

2007 UD Game Materials

2007 UD Game Materials

2007 UD Game Materials

2009 Allen & Ginter's

2009 Allen & Ginter's

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Break: 1999 Best Baseball America Top 100

I picked up a box of this for cheap on eBay last week, and broke it yesterday. I just thought it would be fun – I actually picked up a couple of cool autos in the process!
Box topper – Scott Krause /150
Pack 1
Mike Glavine
Todd Dunn
Jose Santos
Mike Zywicka
Tim Drew
Dan McKinley
Pack 2
Chad Durham
Corey Lee
Ben Petrick
Chris Truby
Brett Tatt
Aubrey Huff
Pack 3
Junior Herndon
Efrain Alamo
Matt Drews
Kenny Kelly
Jerry Hairston Jr
Jin Ho Cho
Pack 4
Tomas De la Rosa
Joe Fontenot
Michael Cuddyer
Toby Hall
Pat Burrell
Bronson Arroyo
Pack 5
Nick Bierbrodt
John Patterson
Rob Bell
Randy Wolf
Brad Penny
Jackson Melian 
Pack 6
Tim DeCinces
Ben Davis
Matt White
Cliff Wilson
Juan Pena
Dan McKinley
Pack 7
Lance Berkman
Ron Belliard
Vernon Wells auto
Wells Auto
Sean Burroughs
Tim Drew
Chris Enochs
Pack 8
Paul Rigdon
Fernando Seguignol
Jason LaRue
Ryan Minor
Jason Middlebrook
Tony Armas, Jr.
Pack 9
Mike Huelsmann
Ben Davis
Todd Sears
Fletcher Bates
Joe Crede
Grant Roberts
Pack 10
 Ruben Mateo
Chin-Feng Chin
Carlos Lee
Alex Hernandez
Cesar Crespo
Kelly Dransfeldt
Pack 11
Arquimedez Pozo
Vladimir Nunez
Calvin Pickering/Ryan Anderson
Ryan Rupe
Juan Pena
Milton Bradley
Pack 12
Ryan Anderson
Mike Drumright
Paul Ah Yat
Kevin Barker
Francis Collins
Darnell McDonald
Pack 13
Giuseppe Chiaramonte
Eric Gillespie
Frankie Figueroa
Mike Bacsik
Kyle Peterson
Chad Harville
Russ Branyan
Pack 14
Josh Paul
Chip Alley
Pablo Ozuna
Brent Butler
Brett Tatt
Cordell Farley 
Pack 15
Willie Martinez
Todd Williams
Adam Kennedy Auto
Kennedy Auto
Damian Rolls
Carlos Pena
Jason Grote
Pack 16
Alex Eckelman
Peter Bergeron
Bubba Crosby
Scott Krause
Joe Crede
Octavio Dotel
Pack 17
Rick Ankiel
Corey Patterson
Brad Penny
Jayson Werth
Nate Rolison
Chad Hutchinson
Pack 18
Cody McKay
Bruce Chen
Kelly wunsch
Fletcher Bates
Nate Rolison
Angel Pena

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Box Break: 2009 Bowman Hobby Pt. 1

Ahh…I said I wouldn’t bother with Bowman this year, but the guy at the card shop made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Pack 1

George Sherrill
Adam Lind
Will Venable
Michael Pineda
Jeremy Farrell
Pat Neshek Gold
Will Smith chrome
Aroldis Chapman WBC chrome

Chapman Clayton Kershaw
Derrek Lee

Pack 2

Yovani Gallardo
Francisco Liriano
Michael Swinson
Yu Darvish WBC
Scott Kazmir gold
Erik Komatsu chrome
Ehire Adrianza refractor

Adrianza Justin Morneau
John Maine
Paul Konerko

Pack 3

John Lannan
Glen Perkins
Yunel Escobar
Brett Oberholtzer
Fu-Te Ni WBC
Juan Carlos Sularan WBC gold

Gulbaran Jesse Darcy chrome
Dylan Lindsay WBC chrome
Johnny Damon
Hanley Ramirez

Pack 4

Aaron Rowand
Brian Roberts
Jack Cawley orange

Cawley Wilber Bucardo
Michael Almanzar
Matt Cain gold
Yu Darvish WBC chrome

Jericho Jones chrome
Nick Swisher
Carlos Zambrano

Pack 5

Cole Hamels
A.J. Burnett
Yefri Carvajal
Patrick Ryan
Adam Reifer gold
Greg Veloz chrome
Ruben Tejada chrome
Jacoby Ellsbury
Juan Miranda

Mirana Matt Garza

Pack 6

Dioner Navarro
Roy Oswalt
Pat Burrell
Neftali Feliz

Feliz Miguel Fermin
Mat Gamel gold
Miguel Flores chrome
Edilio Colina chrome
Robinson Cano
Scott Olsen

Pack 7

Jay Bruce
Adrian Gonzalez
Kazuo Matsui
Dominic De La Osa
Evan Bigley
Kila Ka’aihue gold

Kaaihue Marc Azepczynski chrome
Jeremy Hamilton chrome
Xavier Nady
Carlos Lee

Pack 8

Lou Marson
Joba Chamberlain
Pat Neshek
Adam Reifer
Kyle Farrell
Ryan Dempster gold
Edgar Osuna chrome

Osuna Steven Upchurch chrome
Jermaine Dye
Fernando Perez

Pack 9

Bobby Crosby
Jimmy Rollins
Collin Balester
Wilson Ramos
Michel Enriquez WBC
Jorge Cantu gold
Cheng-Min Peng WBC chrome

Peng Michael Swinson chrome
Nick Markakis
Nelson Cruz

Pack 10

Ryan Howard
Daniel Murphy
Alexi Casilla
Jericho Jones
Nino Leyja
Jamie Moyer gold
Kyeong Kang chrome

Kang Nick Buss chrome
Geovany Soto
Brian McCann

Pack 11

A.J. Pierzynski
Jonathan Niese
Adam Wainwright blue

Wainwright Stolmy Pimentel
Cheng-Min Peng
Justin Greene gold
Concepcion Rodriguez WBC chrome
Adam Moore Auto

Moore Andrew Carpenter

Pack 12

Vladimir Guerrero
Mike Lowell
Adam Mills
Ben Lasater
Shairon Martis gold
Luis Jimenez chrome
Jonathan Waltenburg chrome
Ian Kinsler
Chone Figgins
CC Sabathia


Pack 13

Russ Martin
Chipper Jones
Jake Peavy
Derrick Phillips
Samuel Freeman
Chris Ianetta gold
Evan Bigley chrome
Michael Swinson blue refractor

Swinson Matt Cain
Jeff Baisley

Pack 14

Dustin Pedroia
Barry Zito
Jesse Darcy
Dylan Lindsay WBC
Jermaine Dye gold
Nicholas Weglarz WBC chrome

Weglarz Tommy Johnson chrome
Kevin Youkilis
Tim Hudson
Derek Jeter

Pack 15

Brad Hawpe
James Loney
Angel Morales
Zach Moore
Jason Bay gold
Alex Buccholz chrome

Mitch Dening WBC chrome
Jayson Werth
Greg Smith
J.D. Drew

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Saturday Break #2: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

I mentioned earlier that I picked up a blaster of 2009 Spectrum. Rather than cover every card laboriously, I thought I’d hit the box highlights. Oh, and this is probably the laziest issue I’ve seen in a few years, featuring players in their 2007 uniforms yet labeled as their 2008 team. Pretty unacceptable in a 2009 issue, I’d think. You’ll see what I mean. Not to say I don’t like the cards, though. I have a Ryan Zimmerman and thought it was nice enough to buy the box, after all, and I don’t regret it.

Spectrum Panel 1

Magglio Ordonez, Ryan Howard, Hanley Ramirez

Spectrum Panel 2

Justin Morneau Spectrum Swatches (I’ve pulled his auto and a swatch now – beginning to think I should collect him), Jake Peavy, Dennis Eckersley 20th anniversary set

Spectrum Panel 3

John Smoltz (second Smoltz of the day – Definitely a theme), Xavier Nady (see what I mean? He was a Yankee for a good portion of 08), CC Sabathia (same applies here, too)

Spectrum Panel 4

Joba Chamberlain, Aaron Rowand blue, Alex Rodriguez

Spectrum Panel 5

Adam Dunn, David Ortiz, Brandon Phillips

Spectrum Panel 6

Jonathan Papelbon, Erik Bedard, B.J. Upton

And that was my Saturday Break! I’m happy with what I got overall.

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Saturday Break #1: 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

So I’d been eyeing this tin at the Target near my house for a nearly a month, and last night I decided it was just time to go for it. Here’s the tin:

Sweet Spot Tin

Three packs, guaranteed hit, AND a tin? Sure, why not? I knew the cards were gorgeous, too. Here’s what I got, in no particular order:

Panel 1

Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Zambrano, Jason Bay

Panel 2

Grady Sizemore, Cole Hamels, Phil Hughes

Panel 3

Alex  Gordon, Johnny Mize YSL, Travis Hafner

Panel 4

John Smoltz, Scott Rolen, Joba Chamberlain

Panel 5

Jimmy Rollins, Travis Hafner Sweet Swatch, David Ortiz

Panel 6

Ryan Zimmerman (woo! Got two of these), Daisuke Matzusaka, Josh Hamilton

Panel 7

Babe Ruth YSL, Robinson Cano, Ken Griffey Jr.

Panel 8

Ryan Howard, Chris Carpenter, Waite Hoyt YSL

Overall, metric load of Yankee cards, somehow managed doubles of Zimmerman, Zambrano, and Rodriguez, and pulled a Pronk GU card. Not a bad haul. If you’re interested in any of these, comment or drop me a line, and we can work something out.

I also picked up an 09 Spectrum Blaster…will be hitting the highlights on that soon.

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Bad Wax Break: 2003 Fleer E/X

Signed up for another group break on badwax.net and got my three packs today. These cards are absolutely gorgeous, AND I got a hit! Very nice.  As always, shoot me an email at crimnos at gmail.com or comment if you want some of these.

Pack 1:

Panel 1

Pedro Martinez (think I know where this one’s going), J.D. Drew, Carlos Beltran

Pack 2:

Panel 2

Curt Shilling, Troy Glaus Emerald Essentials, Magglio Ordonez

All right, there’s the hit! In pack  2. A closer look:


And yeah, it’s die cut and numbered to 250.

Pack 3:

Panel 3

Sammy Sosa, Eric Byrnes, Jeff Bagwell

As I said, gorgeous cards. I could do with a box full of them, and I really want some Expos. Nice break!


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Birthday Break: 2008 Topps

Last entry; didn’t get much that’s too interesting in the mail today (a 1991 ML Debut set, of which the Expos and some other surprises will be featured in the future)

08 Topps Wrapper

I don’t know what I was thinking. I forgot that I despise the 08 design. Being sick will do that to you.

08 Topps Panel 1

Fausto Carmona Own the Game (nice card), Carlos Ruiz, Brandon Jones RC, Ian Kinsler

08 Topps Panel 2

Ryan Howard, Tim Wakefield, Victor Martinez

08 Topps Panel 3

Mark Buehrle, Daric Barton, Chad Billingsley

Got held up finishing this, but this pack was just okay. Nothing special. Will try to cover some weekend breaks during the week.

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Birthday Break: 2006 Fleer

Hidden behind that 2008 Topps in the two-pack was a pack of 2006 Fleer. This is one of the repack companies’ favorite tricks: hide a not-so-great pack behind a somewhat decent one.

06 Fleer wrapper

I seem to remember my mother-in-law-to-be (at some point, not engaged just yet) has the entire 06 Fleer set.

06 Fleer Panel 1

Ryan Freel, Aramis Ramirez, Brandon Claussen (another Nats relative), and Ryan Jorgensen

06 Fleer Panel 2

Chris Duncan RC, Brandon Inge, Daniel Cabrera (there he is again!)

06 Fleer Panel 3

Mets Team Leaders, Khalil Greene (again), and Barry Zito

Nothing exciting int his pack at all. Okay, maybe the Mets card.

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Birthday Break Part 1: 2009 Upper Deck

Yeah, it’s my birthday, and I’m sick, so I stopped off at Rite Aid on the way home to get some Cepacol and Tylenol. The Rite Aid also happened to have some packs in stock:


So, of course, I went for it, with the idea of putting it up here. First pack, 2009 Upper Deck Jumbo.

09 UD Wrapper

09 UD Panel 1
James Parr, Jake Barrett, Indians Team Leaders, Jim Thome

09 UD Panel 2
Jeremy Hermida, Mike Aviles, Edgar Renteria, Brandon Lyon

09 UD Panel 3

Josh Whitesell (wish we hadn’t let him get away), Rays Leaders, Nick Blackburn, Alexei Ramirez

09 UD Panel 4

Jason Giambi, Eric Chavez, Edwin Jackson

09 UD Panel 5

JJ Putz, Khalil Greene, Matt Stairs
Not overly exciting. I did get better cards, though, as we’ll see in Part 2 in a bit. Again, if you’re interested, email me at crimnos at gmail.com. Love to trade or just send them your way.

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2000 Bowman Chrome Pulls

I recently joined in on a group break over at Bad Wax, picking up two Bowman packs. Here’s what I managed to pull; alas, no Expos. Oh, well. Any of these are available just by emailing me at crimnos at gmail.com. I’ll pay for shipping and everything.

First pack:

Pack 1

Jose Canseco, Geoff Jenkins, Ramon Soler, Ryan Minor

Okay, Canseco is definitely the star of this pack. Not a bad card at all, but I wasn’t bowled over by the pack.

Pack 2:


Mark Grace, Michael Tejera, Kevin Nicholson, Manny Ramirez “Meteoric Rise” insert.

Okay, now we’re talking. Still no real star rookies, but that Ramirez is really nice. I got a box of Bowman Chrome a few years back and pulled a Randy Johnson of this insert set; really liked it. I was glad to get Manny here.

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