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Card of the Day: 2001 Fleer Platinum Aubrey Huff

Featuring a world series winner. Man, those Rays uniforms were pretty awful, weren’t they? Yikes.

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Box Break: 2002 UD Authentics

I haven’t disguised my love for this set, that’s for sure, and yet I’ve always found the boxes tantalizingly out of reach, either too expensive or difficult to find, so when I found a box going for an obscenely cheap amount on Ebay, I bid and sat on that auction. Yesterday the box finally arrived.

Stated odds, as you can see, are 1 in every 16 packs. The box is obviously meant to echo the 1989 box design, as everything in this set is a loving homage to that original set. Including the setup when you open the box:

As you can see, they’ve used that same paper material that UD used in their 1989 issue:

The whole thing gave me nostalgia goosebumps, down to the authentic (heh) feel of opening the first pack.

Now, as to the actual content of the box. Well, first, I should note that I was supposed to get two reverse-negatives card in this box, but I only got one, this Jason Johnson:

And that’s A-okay by me. The reverse negative gimmick is easily the crappiest, most annoying thing about this set, as I’d have preferred to get the base Johnson, which I still don’t have. Sigh. Oh, I’m also okay with it because I not only beat the odds for relics on this box, I pulverized them. 1 in 16 packs, right? 18 packs in the box, so maybe, tops, I could have gotten two if I was extremely lucky. Yeah, I got four, including a reverse-negative game-used card and a gold reverse-negative game-used card. I didn’t even know the latter existed. My first ever hot box!

Very, very cool stuff. I love it. Oh, I also got two inserts: their version of the Baseball Heroes, numbered to 1989

And a 1989 Flashback Mark Grace, numbered to 4225 (though that Cubs picture is more recent than 1989, he didn’t have that facial hair until the 90s).

I also got a mess of base cards that I needed; only two doubles in the whole box, and a small stack of cards that I already had. Look for those cards to wind up in some trades in the near future.

I’m still quite a bit short of the set, so I may pick up another box when I have some money. Overall, I give the box an A for the presentation, the hits, and the collation. Totally worth the money and exceeded my expectations. Oh, and all these cards save the base cards/reverse negative are available.

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Break: 1999 Best Baseball America Top 100

I picked up a box of this for cheap on eBay last week, and broke it yesterday. I just thought it would be fun – I actually picked up a couple of cool autos in the process!
Box topper – Scott Krause /150
Pack 1
Mike Glavine
Todd Dunn
Jose Santos
Mike Zywicka
Tim Drew
Dan McKinley
Pack 2
Chad Durham
Corey Lee
Ben Petrick
Chris Truby
Brett Tatt
Aubrey Huff
Pack 3
Junior Herndon
Efrain Alamo
Matt Drews
Kenny Kelly
Jerry Hairston Jr
Jin Ho Cho
Pack 4
Tomas De la Rosa
Joe Fontenot
Michael Cuddyer
Toby Hall
Pat Burrell
Bronson Arroyo
Pack 5
Nick Bierbrodt
John Patterson
Rob Bell
Randy Wolf
Brad Penny
Jackson Melian 
Pack 6
Tim DeCinces
Ben Davis
Matt White
Cliff Wilson
Juan Pena
Dan McKinley
Pack 7
Lance Berkman
Ron Belliard
Vernon Wells auto
Wells Auto
Sean Burroughs
Tim Drew
Chris Enochs
Pack 8
Paul Rigdon
Fernando Seguignol
Jason LaRue
Ryan Minor
Jason Middlebrook
Tony Armas, Jr.
Pack 9
Mike Huelsmann
Ben Davis
Todd Sears
Fletcher Bates
Joe Crede
Grant Roberts
Pack 10
 Ruben Mateo
Chin-Feng Chin
Carlos Lee
Alex Hernandez
Cesar Crespo
Kelly Dransfeldt
Pack 11
Arquimedez Pozo
Vladimir Nunez
Calvin Pickering/Ryan Anderson
Ryan Rupe
Juan Pena
Milton Bradley
Pack 12
Ryan Anderson
Mike Drumright
Paul Ah Yat
Kevin Barker
Francis Collins
Darnell McDonald
Pack 13
Giuseppe Chiaramonte
Eric Gillespie
Frankie Figueroa
Mike Bacsik
Kyle Peterson
Chad Harville
Russ Branyan
Pack 14
Josh Paul
Chip Alley
Pablo Ozuna
Brent Butler
Brett Tatt
Cordell Farley 
Pack 15
Willie Martinez
Todd Williams
Adam Kennedy Auto
Kennedy Auto
Damian Rolls
Carlos Pena
Jason Grote
Pack 16
Alex Eckelman
Peter Bergeron
Bubba Crosby
Scott Krause
Joe Crede
Octavio Dotel
Pack 17
Rick Ankiel
Corey Patterson
Brad Penny
Jayson Werth
Nate Rolison
Chad Hutchinson
Pack 18
Cody McKay
Bruce Chen
Kelly wunsch
Fletcher Bates
Nate Rolison
Angel Pena

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