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Ryan Zimmerman GU, Auto, and Chrome Collection Part 1

This is by no means a comprehensive posting of my collection of Zimmerman GU & Autos, just to let you know up front. These are all treasured pieces to my collection, so I thought I’d start collecting them all into a series of ongoing posts. I think I’ll do one for Jordan Zimmermann soon, as well.

2004 SP National Honors

2006 Topps Chrome Blue

2006 eTopps

2006 Upper Deck Special F/ X Materials

2007 Upper Deck Artifacts

2007 Upper Deck Exquisite

2010 Triple Threads

2010 Topps Tribute

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Trades with Rhubarb Runner and BA Benny

Apologies guys for combining both trades into one post, but I’ve run late on this one long enough. My first trade was with Rhubarb Runner from e Reyhahn, Reyhahn, a blog I’ve enjoyed for quite awhile now. He contacted me with a trade proposal, and we worked something out, with an eye toward a future, larger trade, I hope (the holiday season is just kicking me around timewise). Here’s a sample of what he sent!


2009 Topps Traded Gold


Very cool, goes straight into the Zim collection. I dig it.


2009 Topps Gold


And then here’s that OTHER Zim. I’m always happy to get Jordan’s cards, and I like this one a lot – I feel the photo works a lot better with the gold borders than the white ones.


2010 Topps Opening Day Blue


I think this was my first Opening Day blue card for this year, and I like it a lot. I may try to collect the entire team set.

And the centerpiece of the trade on my end. Everts never really panned out to be much, but I’ve been trying to get his autograph and GU for awhile now; I like obtaining stuff like this from obscure players almost as much as the All Stars, and it’s a nice addition to the collection. Thanks, David! I still plan to dig through that

Okay, now to Mike’s trade. Mike, of course, runs BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet and Pack Rip Cafe, both of which are great blogs worth checking out. This was actually our second trade, a follow-up to our previous trade. This began when I saw he had broken a box of 2010 Topps Update and scored some Nationals and Senators that I wanted. Let’s look at the targets first:


2010 Topps Traded Gold


Well, duh. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to part with this one, but I appreciate that he did. It’s definitely going to occupy a cherished spot in my collection, especially as it has both Stras and Zim on the same card. Very cool.

That coloring job is horrific, but I will always ALWAYS want a card with The Big Train on it. Walter Johnson was the man.


Original Back


I’ll also always want cards with Killebrew as a National/Senator. He was in Washington for such a brief time that these cards, even reprints, are always a treat.

There were a few other update cards, but that was the core of what I wanted. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trade without a few throw-ins, and he threw in a LOT of cards. My favorite, and what turned out to be my favorite of the package even ahead of the Strasburg, is this:

Detwiler will likely not become much, but this is cool because I have the non-gold edition of this card…putting the gold next to the regular is incredibly sweet. Like I said, sometimes it’s not about the player’s star power; there are lots of other factors.

1999 Bowman Chrome International

The 98 and 99 Bowman Chrome International cards are AWESOME, and this one is no exception.

2006 Topps Own the Game

2006 Topps Stars

A couple of cool 06 Topps inserts.

2006 Topps Trading Places

Another insert that seemed highly appropriate next to Soriano.

2007 Bowman Heritage Refractor/Rainbow

Are these refractors or rainbow cards? I’m never quite sure. Either way, love the set, and I like Jesus Flores. I keep holding out hope he’s not injured again.

There was a lot more stuff, but this is all I really have room for. Thanks a lot, guys! I hope you enjoy what I sent your way.


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Trade from The Sandlot

Remember that David Wright card I listed? Well I had a few people interested, and Joe from The Sandlot had some cards that intrigued me, so we pulled the trigger on the trade. His end arrived yesterday, and the Wright card should be in his hands either today or tomorrow. What did I manage to land? Let’s take a look…

2006 Flair Showcase Showcase Signatures /35

Nice one. I have a few Cordero autos in my collection, but I couldn’t turn down one that was numbered this low.

2000 Fleer Fresh Ink

Another Jose Vidro auto to add to my collection.

2007 Topps Co-Signers "Blue" #/250

Always happy to add another numbered Zimmerman card to my collection.

2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor

I’m a refractor junkie, and I really like the white chrome design from 2007. In addition, I think Hughes has a bright future, so even if he is a Yankee, I wanted.

The wear on this and the vidro are from the cases.

A sweet little gray swatch of a Hall of Famer. It has stitching, too! I like to pick up HOF stuff when it’s possible, so, again, this was a no-brainer.

So thanks, Joe! I hope you like your card.

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EBay Week: Day One

So last week I was able to pick up a few things from eBay before getting robbed, so I thought I’d show off some of my swag this week.


2008 Upper Deck Team USA


This is one of the promised cards from the 2010 Chrome replacement order. It’s even nicer in real life, and will definitely be a treasured part of my collection going forward, especially with Espinosa’s talent.


2006 Topps Chrome


My first Scott Olsen auto. Obviously I’d rather have had a signed Nationals card, but just having the auto is an important step.


2007 Sweet Spot


This is my second Matt Chico auto, but my first one of these mini-helmet cards. I was surprised at the heft and thickness of it, but I really love it.

All in all, a pretty good day, and I have a long way to go!

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Former National: Travis Hughes

2006 Upper Deck

Travis Hughes is another one of those oddball Nationals that had very few cards in the uniform, but that’s because he was a middle reliever who didn’t play very many games with the Nationals. He was a 19th round pick by the Rangers in the 97 draft, so he wasn’t exactly a ballyhooed pitching prospect to begin with. He pitched as a starter in the Rangers organization up until 2003, with a mediocre 46-47 record in those five years. He reacted well to the conversion to the bullpen after a rocky 2004 in which he finally made his major league debut at the age of 26. He got bombed in his appearance, and the Nationals scooped him up off of waivers the next April. He pitched in 14 games for the Nationals that year, putting up a 5.54 ERA and a -0.1 WAR. He spent the majority of ’06 in AAA, pitching 8 games at the major league level. After that, he was done with the majors. His ML career ERA stands at 6.31, a 69 ERA+, and a -0.3 WAR. So, not a very notable major leaguer. He spent 2007 at AAA Pawtucket for the Red Sox, then went to the Japanese League (NPL), where he wasn’t much better. He spent last year with York of the Atlantic League, and I think that was his last year, as I can’t find information on where he might be this year.

I’m fascinated with players like this…it’s fascinating to see these fringe careers and where they go, so I’m grateful to receive their cards.

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Trade with Night Owl Cards

I’ve read Night Owl’s blog faithfully for quite some time; in fact, he was one of the first bloggers I read when I discovered that baseball card blogs existed. So it was quite natural that I wanted to trade with him at some point, I just hadn’t figured out what I had that he might want. When I saw that he had received a Devin Thomas swatch card from a care package and was offering it for trade, I knew what had to be done.

I received his cards in the mail yesterday, and let me tell you: there were a lot. Thankfully, I needed about 80% of what he sent me, so he hit a real sweet spot with me. But due to the sheer quantity, I’ll have to only showcase a relatively few cards and hit the others when I get to their respective slots.

So let’s split them up. First, the vintage!

1974 Topps

Tim Foli’s glasses are amazing. I really need to post about him sometime.

1975 Topps

Should have seen a 75 coming!

1977 Topps

And somewhere in between the vintage and modern stuff lies a zone…we call this zone The Ultimate Mustache Zone.

Look at that thing!

Now, on to the second group: players for whom I had never owned a card.

2006 Upper Deck

No idea how Matthew slipped by, but here he is.

2008 Tristar

Steven was one of those prospects I always meant to get and just never got around to. Now I have him!

2009 Upper Deck Piece of History

Montz is another Matthew LeCroy. Just slipped through the cracks.

1997 Select

Hell, I’d never even heard of this guy, let alone owning one of his cards!

2010 Topps Heritage

I think this is one of only two major league cards Stammen has, so I’m not down on myself for not having him.

Okay, that’s that for the “new guys”. Last, I’ll just take a look at a couple of cards that I liked.

2006 Opening Day

This one flat-out shocked me. I had no idea there were cards with Rasner in a Nationals uniform, and he wasn’t in the main 2006 Topps set. Nice get!

2006 Turkey Red

Always grateful for some Turkey Red.

2010 Topps Gold

My first 2010 Topps Gold Nats card. Think I may collect the team set now.

All in all, an awesome trade! Your cards are in the mail, Night Owl! Thanks again.


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Topps Million Card Giveaway Update

Update time! I’ve managed to turn the remaining non-Senators/Expos/Nationals cards into gold. To review, here’s what was left:

1961 Johnny Antonelli

1996 Charles Nagy

And a 2006 Mark Teixeria. Today I took delivery on the following. These are in order of what they were traded for.

1961 Bennie Daniels

This means I now have the 1961,1962, and 1963 cards of Bennie Daniels. I like that, and I’m not sure why.

1997 F.P. Santangelo

1997 is one of those years I don’t have many cards for, so I was eager to get my hands on one.

2009 Daniel Cabrera

And one I somehow missed last year. Weird, that one.

So, to review, I turned 10 non-Expos/Nats/Senators cards into 13 Expos/Nats/Senators cards. Once I’ve got them all in hand, I’ll scan them in the grand follow-up to this post. And I need to start accumulating more of these cards! This trading program is addictive.


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Finds From The National Part 7: The Aughts

Good lord, even I didn’t realize how much I found at The National, and these posts are just scratching the surface, really. Let’s take a look at a sampling of the Expos and Nationals from the aughts.

2004 Diamond Kings

I really liked this series. I remember scooping up a bunch of these at a card shop back in 04, but the only one I can still find these days is Rafael Palmeiro. Maybe I traded some away, I don’t know. Either way, I was quite happy to find this O-Cab. The 00’s Diamond King issues were such an improvement on the ones in the 80s and 90s, there’s really no comparison. No offense to Dick Perez, but whoever was doing the art here was much better. Unless it was Perez and his style changed?

2004 Donruss Classics

I remember this set being lauded for its hits when I got back into collecting in 04, but I only ever managed to snag base cards. That’s fine by me, I like this design a lot. Very classy.

2004 Topps Gallery

04 Topps Gallery will always be near and dear to my heart because I pulled one of my favorite cards from it (I’ll be featuring it soon), and I was glad to come across an Expo from the set. They don’t quite get to the level of Upper Deck’s Masterpieces set, but I enjoy the Gallery issues nevertheless.

Remember that 04 Just Minors set? Here are the Expos:

2005 Sweet Spot Classic

This is another set that I remember having great hits at the time; I have a Reggie Jackson GU from this set that I cherish, so it was cool to be able to pick up some of the base cards. I also scored a Frank Howard that I’m sure will come up sooner or later.

2006 SI For Kids

These remind me of the Donruss Triple Play and Upper Deck Fun Packs concept. The back is Randy Johnson making a face, with an empty balloon so the kids can make their own caption. Meh. But I didn’t have it.

2006 SPx

I never had any 06 SPx, so I was pleased to come across this one. There must be a Ryan Zimmerman from this set, but I haven’t found it yet. With so many other cards out there, it’s hard to prioritize it, but I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later.

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Nats Auto: Chris Marrero

Tristar Elegance

I was a little concerned about Chris Marrero last season, when his hitting stumbled as he hit AA Harrisburg, going .267/.345/.387 after being a solid prospect up to that point. Thankfully, this year, he’s repeating AA and is doing much better, hitting .294/.357/.451 with 14 home runs. He’s cut way down on his strkeouts, but unfortunately that’s come with a dip in his BBs. Still, he’s only 21 in AA, so he has time to continue to make adjustments and arrive in Washington in 2012 at age 23.

I really like this card, and it looks better in person. In fact, I had no idea that was a sticker autograph until I looked at the scan; in person, it blends in incredibly well. I’ve featured another one of Marrero’s autographs before, but I still have more cards of his to cover, so keep an eye open!

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Trade with Thoughts and Sox

I was excited to open the mailbox yesterday and find a little white box. What could it be? I wondered. Well, none other than a box from a trade Adam from Thoughts and Sox had worked out with me! And he hit the nail right on the head with what I needed.

2001 Studio

I had never seen this set, but damn, pretty sweet! I need more of these.

2006 Topps 52

I’ve been looking to get more cards of guys like Harper, as they only had a season or half a season in the uniform. Not to mention I have very little of this set, so nice send!

2005 Turkey Red White

Oooh, a Turkey Red white! And it’s Vinny Castilla!

1994 Bowman

Shiny! This is a perfect example of what he sent. I have a ton of 1994 Bowman, but not this one. I like it!

2004 Leather and Lumber

He also included a game-used! Awesome!

Here are some other notable Nats cards:

He also included a few Reggies!

1978 Topps Record Breakers

All in all, a great trade. Thanks a lot, and the rest of the cards will go up as appropriate! I’ll be sending your cards in the next day or two. As always, I welcome trades.


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