Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/22 – Last of the Week Edition

Yeah, I have no plans to write this tomorrow. I think a break from collecting and writing about cards will be good for me; the process of putting together the 1991 project has been incredibly discouraging for me. Watching the card world explode like that has given me a first-hand example of why the junk wax era ended up falling apart on the card manufacturers. It’s depressing. You can see that the manufacturers were caught off-guard by the rapid expansion and started sourcing their photos to the same photographers. A Classic card will have a photograph from the same reel as a Fleer Ultra card. Willie Fraser’s 1991 Bowman, O-Pee-Chee, and Stadium Club are all essentially the same picture. Part of me really wants to know how they dealt with the continued expansion in 1992, but the effort and money involved in collecting sets that will ultimately not be worth the cardboard they’re printed on…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go backwards? Start at 1987 and go backwards? Something to ponder.

I did receive a card that reminded me of why I collect yesterday: this beaut, the blue refractor Jordan Zimmermann auto I mentioned yesterday.

Other than that, not too much going on. Gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as we’re going to be discounting prices and going for the gold, but that’s about it. Let’s see what other folks were up to yesterday…

And that’s it for today. Have a happy holiday and great weekend!


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