Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/22 – Short Week Edition

There’ll only be two morning coffees this week, I think, with the holiday coming up, but no worries – I have the entire week’s non-roundup entries planned out and 90% written. I’m actually kind of excited about the whole deal. I like the idea of being able to spend time with my family and have a nice, relaxing weekend while still keeping the blog (my baby) updated.

Got some free money out of paypal this past week and got a really nice Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Jordan Zimmermann auto. I think it’ll arrive in the mail today, and I’ll definitely have to show it off here. I may eventually go for the rainbow on that set, but we’ll see how difficult that might be.

Little plug here…my girlfriend’s first book/collection was published this weekend! It’s Kindle-only at the moment, but I’ve heard from a little birdie that real paper copies are on the way very soon, and I’ll have an ad up soon (need to check with her “people” about officially-sanctioned ads and all that nonsense).

Speaking of fiction writing, finally knocked out the outline for my novel and am commencing with the first draft. I’m hoping to find a publisher after the first of the year, but only time will tell.

Picked up an Update rack pack this weekend and managed to score a 1959 card on the million card giveaway. Promptly flipped it for a 59 Senators card. All I need to do is unload the 77 Buckner card and I should have enough cards built up for another shipment of vintage goodness. The MCG has been really kind to me; I hope next year’s version is, as well.

Okay, so let’s see what everyone else was up to this weekend, as I’m running out of time:

And that’s all for today. Have a good one!



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  1. Mary

    Mwah…best boyfriend ever. I love you!

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