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Senators Friday: Buster Narum

1966 Topps

Buster was another one of the Million Card Giveaway acquisitions, and I was completely unfamiliar with him before picking him up in one of my many trades back in August. Buster had a pretty short major league career; he debuted in 1963 with the Orioles, and was out of the majors by 1967, but he had a few good games on the way between those years, despite ending up 14-27 with a 4.45 ERA and an 81 ERA+. For example, on August 26th, 1964, he shut the Yankees down with a 5-hit shutout, the highlight of a year where he’d go 9-15 with a 4.30 ERA in an era of strong pitching.

1966 was his next-to-last year in the majors, and he only pitched three games, ending with a 21.60 ERA. So he was more common than common, but I still love this card, as it gets me one card closer to completing the 66 team set.

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Card of the Day: 1988 Donruss John Farrell

Wanted to feature the new manager of the Blue Jays. I liked him as a pitching coach with the Red Sox, and wish him the best.

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Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/19: Back in the Saddle Edition

Missed yesterday, obviously. Just could not make it with having a half-day of work and so much to do.

Lots going on on the Nationals front. Looks like the Nats have had discussions with Jorge De La Rosa and Carl Pavano. I’d love to have Pavano return, even if just for the whole Expos/career coming full circle thing. It’s also unlikely that Josh Willingham is going to get an extension, and I’m a little annoyed about that one. Josh is one of my favorite Nationals, and I’m not sure I see many more outfielders coming up through the system that would take his place. It’s also likely to piss Ryan Zimmerman off even more, as he already cannot be happy with losing Dunn. How do you make the cornerstone of the team question their commitment to win? Well, this is a good way to do it. I guess the good news is that Jesus Flores is finally healthy. Yay! I had hoped for such an event.

I’ll be damned if I understand the deal with trying to trade Justin Upton. What are the Diamondbacks thinking on this one? You have a 23-year-old future superstar who’s cost-controlled…why? It’s like the Mariners trading Ken Griffey Jr. in 1991. I don’t get it.

Anybody want a 1977 Bill Buckner? I scored it in the Million Card Giveaway and am looking to move it for any like player from the Expos from 76-79. I’m crimnos, if you’re looking.

Music Friday!

Okay, let’s see what other folks were talking about yesterday…

Have a great weekend all!


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