Morning Coffee and the Blog Round-up 11/16: Domain edition

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally ponied up and registered; I’m not sure if it completely went live, but I went ahead and changed it to the primary domain, so as to make the blog easier to find. WordPress also decided to retire my theme, so I upgraded and changed the color scheme to something a little less…white. This is probably not the final version, and I expect to make a few tweaks.

I think I officially give up on my fantasy teams this year. This year I was determined to work hard on the teams and study up, and it made absolutely no difference. I’m now starting to feel like it’s pretty much the same as gambling – even when, on paper, a player should do better than another player, and everything points toward that player doing well against a bad defense, etc., it still may break the other way. I’ve learned this with enormous amounts of preparation (okay, I screwed up a kicker one week, but other than that) and very little preparation – I’m doing just as well this year as when I did zero prep. And I mean, hell, that’s cool if that’s your thing, I’ve just never been crazy about games where it’s largely dependent on luck, which is ironic given how much of baseball is about luck, I suppose. Anyway, whining over. Here, have a puppy:

Received a bunch of the 91 sets last night. Most fascinating was the trend I noticed in which Topps either re-used photos or used slightly different photos from the same roll between O-Pee-Chee and Stadium Club. I may scan some of those in in advance of the 91 project. Also received 1985 Topps Traded, and what a cool little set that is. Love it.

Busy morning, so that’s it for me. Let’s see what other folks said…

And that’s all for today. Have a great one!


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  1. Mary

    Definitely looks dark brown on my work computer!

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