Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/12 – New Fang Edition

Or, well, new cube. Alas, I have been forced from my old place and thrust into a cold new world, but I will survive.

It was kind of cool to log in this morning and see the post counter sitting at an even 700. Did some math last night…even though I’ve had this blog since something like April of 09, I took a long period off from last October to this June, so I’ve been actively writing on this site for a little over a year. I think it comes out to something like 12 posts a week, in that ballpark. I’ve been more prolific than I thought I had. Very, very cool.

Mike Rizzo went on Sirius XM yesterday.  These would be the highlights:

We love Adam Dunn, he’s had two terrific years here, he’s a great guy in the clubhouse, he’s a guy that drives in big runs for us, and he’s a big part of our offense, protects Ryan Zimmerman and all that, we recognize that and we’ve certainly had interest throughout the year and he’s a guy that we continue to have communications with.”

“I’d be a fool if I didn’t like Cliff Lee or want Cliff Lee on our club. He’s the prize pitching guy in this year’s free agent market. But I’m not going to delude myself to the fact that we have a great chance of landing Cliff Lee. He’s going to have enough takers and enough competition for us to pick and choose whatever ballclub he wants to go to. So, suffice it to say, I love Cliff Lee, I’d love to have him on the club. He’s a number one starter in the major leagues. We have contacted his agent and begun discussions with him, but I’m certainly not going to all my eggs in the Cliff Lee basket cause I think the chances of Cliff wanting to come to the Washington Nationals at this time in our franchise is small.”

He keeps harping on in the interview about signing Adam Dunn, but it’s pretty clear to me that it’s probably not going to happen. I guess Wilson Ramos is expected to contend for a Major league shot this year? Yay!

Oh, Ryan Zimmerman won a silver slugger this year, too. Pretty cool, and I think this one was dead-on…Zim was #7 in OPS+ for all NL players this year. There were no third basemen ahead of him, so I applaud the choice and can enjoy it.

Oh, hey, it’s music Friday!

Now let’s see what else was going on yesterday.

And that’s it. Have a great weekend!

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