Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/10 – AL Gold Glove Edition

Presented without comment…

Oh, that link goes here, by the way. Wtf, voters?

Speaking of crappy decisions…

That video just never fails to amuse me. I think Alou is the funniest part of it.

Added a new feature yesterday, the Card of the Day. I have a lot of scanned cards sitting around that I want to show but can’t figure out how to work them into proper article/posts, so I thought this was a good middle-ground. I hate making low-content posts, but as long as I’m working on some true content-filled posts, then I’m good with the little bite-sized stuff. I guess that’s something I haven’t talked about much: my goal is to have at least one post with true content on weekdays. Sometimes life intercedes, but I’ve been doing that fairly well to this point, I think. Part of it is a goal of providing content, part of it is continuing to hone my writing in between work assignments and working on my novel.

Going to start porting over the posts from my “I Was a Teenage Prospector” site on the weekends; when I created that site, this site was purely Nationals/Expos, but with a more diffuse approach on this site, albeit still heavily Nationals/Expos-leaning, I think it’s okay to bring that stuff over and maybe eventually restart the concept on this site. It was a fun site to write, it was just too much for me to maintain with everything else I work on.

I’m rapidly approaching 700 posts, but I don’t plan on celebrating in any way. I think 1,000 is when I’ll really do something up proper, maybe hold my first giveaway or something along those lines. We’ll see.

I guess that’s all I have to say for today. Let’s see what other folks were saying!

And that’s it for today. See you guys tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/10 – AL Gold Glove Edition

  1. That video is hysterical. Rivera may have been one of the dumbest ballplayers to make the majors.

    And I didn’t realize you did a post on Murray yesterday. I’ve got one coming up, too.

  2. haha, I know, it never fails to amuse me. What a moron.

    Cool! I look forward to seeing your take on Murray.

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