Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/3 – Redskins? Facepalm Edition

Little more awake today. Odd, usually it goes in the opposite direction – the longer the week goes on, the more tired I become, but this seems to be an exception. Odd, that is.

Teams were ready to move after the World Series, huh? Milwaukee hired Ron Roenicke as their new manager, and the Red Sox replaced John Farrell with Curt Young. I just barely remember Roenicke from the beginning of my collecting days, but I definitely remember Curt Young when he was with the A’s. No idea if either are worth a damn, though. Oh, and it sounds like the whole Derek Jeter thing could be more interesting than we thought. A possible position change? Lord knows he’s overdue. I’ll watch that to see how it unfolds, just out of morbid curiosity.

The Redskins continue to infuriate me. First benching Donovan McNabb, then giving Jamarcus Russell a tryout? I’ve lost every bit of faith (which, admittedly wasn’t much) that I had left in this team. What a mess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a giant McNabb fan or anything, but this…this is just no good. This whole situation is Jim Bowden pants-on-head wrong, but par for the course, I’m afraid.

The election…ah, forget it.

Let’s see what else went on yesterday!

  • Bad Wax told us about the Cards for Kids project. This is a godsend, as I’ve been trying to figure out to do with a bunch of unwanted cards and Tim had suggested donating to children’s hospitals. I’ll definitely be getting in on this.
  • Night Owl continued his team colors series with the Royals.
  • The Beckett Blog shared information on Topps’ “contest” to decide the 60 throwback cards they’ll reprint in the 2011 sets. I was excited until I saw they had already narrowed it down to 100 cards, most of which have been reprinted a million times already. Topps is starting to remind me of that oldies station that only plays the same two songs by an artist over and over again. Do we really need ANOTHER Mickey Mantle reprint?
  • Nachos Grande is holding another cards for clunkers. Check it out!
  • The Priceless Pursuit continued the Faces of Chicle series with Scott Feldman. Yikes!
  • Mike over at BA Benny’s opened a jumbo box of Topps update. Some interesting cards in there.
  • Thorzul announced second place in the Nightmares on Cardboard contest. Some SWEET customs in there.

And that’s all for today!


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