Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/2 – Stop Me if You’ve Heard This Edition Before

Slightly more coherent today, which is always a good thing. Fell out of bed at the right time, all that. Hurray?

Received some cards in the mail finally this morning. I’d been waiting on two of them for awhile and was starting to get a little uneasy with the state of my mail delivery of late. I’ll feature them soon, but two out of three were Ryan Zimmerman cards, one part of the 2008 Baseball Heroes rainbow that I’m trying to build. Looks like I’m still in need of the charcoal and dark blue variations, but I’m never 100% sure with that set. What a pain in the ass. Another was a chrome version of the National Chicle Ryan Zimmerman variation (Expos) card. I’ll need to show those two together sometime, they give me a little tiny thrill. Much like this video.

Well, most obvious thing is that the Giants won the World Series last night. It was an exciting time in our house! I was so happy for Mary; and while I was able to thrill with her to some level, I knew that I couldn’t experience it the same way she was, so I just keep hoping that one day the Nationals can put it together in the same way. It just goes to show that the postseason bandwagon is never quite the same as when it’s “your” team. Either way, I’m happy for her and all the Giants fans that I know. Congrats!

Just saw that Randy Moss got waived. GOOD. I wasted a good pick on him in one of my fantasy football leagues this year and he’s been abysmal. I made the mistake of waiting on him, too, hoping he’d put it together even though everything told me he wouldn’t. Tired of the guy taking up space on my team, so I’ve dumped him in that league. Let’s see if I can salvage something out of this season after all. Oh, didn’t I mention? I was ready to top both leagues at one point, and now I’m 3-5. And I’ve been very active – I’ve just had a run of terrible luck. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I guess that’s about it for today. Let’s hit some highlights from yesterday…

And that’s that. Good day, all!




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3 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 11/2 – Stop Me if You’ve Heard This Edition Before

  1. Mary

    It was fun celebrating the Giants’ win with you!

  2. Tim

    Nice video – lol I love Nic Cage.

    And man…I forgot how Rangers-Dodgers dominant the card-o-sphere is, resulting in lots of sad bloggers today. I for one had no rooting interest in either team, but my girlfriend quickly sided with the Giants and they became the team we wanted to win. So congrats Giants as well!

  3. Tim, it really is. It was pretty interesting to see, because I also follow a lot of Bay Area folks in other spheres, so there was a really interesting dichotomy.

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