Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/28 – Aqueous Edition

That’s what’s on my mind this morning: the Donruss aqueous issues. Specifically, what the hell does that mean? My understanding was that it was Donruss’s “glossy” or “tiffany”, but I received a few cards from COMC that were supposed to be aqueous and they look the same as any other card. Does it then mean that they’re water-soluble? Can someone help me out on this one so I don’t feel quite so ripped off?

The other thing that I’ve been pondering is the direction of this blog. While I’m still collecting the Nationals and Expos, I find I’m not writing about them as much as I once did. I don’t think that’s a bad thing; I enjoy writing about stuff like the 1989 project’s players, I just wonder if I should keep the title of the blog the same. I suppose I will, for now.

I’ve also decided that, rather than write several entries in one day, I’m going to focus on two…the morning coffee posts, which are obviously more off-the-cuff and stream-of-consciousness, and then an evening post. I’m doing this to improve the quality of the writing on the more formal post. During my ponderings about the blog, I realized that one of the goals of writing this blog is to give me a daily outlet to practice my writing while also writing about something I love. I mean, I’m a professional writer, so I’m writing pretty much every day, but I don’t get the chance to write about something I really care about. So why not apply the same process I use at work to my entries, and really polish up those posts? Last night’s Jim Abbott post was the first example of what I’m talking about, and I feel the writing really shined for the layer of polish that I gave it.

Boy, last night’s game went nothing like I expected, especially after that bone-headed first inning by the Giants, but they not only came back, they destroyed the Rangers. If you’d told me a Lee-Lincecum matchup, would end up like that…well, I guess I’d say that’s the postseason. Look at the Lincecum-Halladay matchup. In fact, The Freak hasn’t been pitching incredibly well of late. It’s a bit concerning. Anyway, on to game two!

Annnnd on to what other folks were saying around the card-o-sphere:

And that’s it for now! Have a good one!



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2 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/28 – Aqueous Edition

  1. Tim

    Never heard of those Aqueous cards before – very sketchy stuff, I hope yours are legit! Some just say there are stamps on the back, others insist they’re blue or white (but that seems wrong)…all over the place really.

    Either way, if you haven’t seen it, Wax Heaven had a decent little post:

    As for the name change, I’m contemplated it too as I’ve moved somewhat away from great names. It’s hard once you get deep into the blogger world though – people come to know you by one thing…switching it tough!

    • Yeah, see, his description sounds like glossy cards. While mine aren’t the infamous 1990 issue (it’s 2002 donruss classics), I can’t see what’s different, either. I didn’t pay through the nose for them or anything, but I’m confused.

      I think I’m going to stick with my name, too. I’ll always be a Nats collector at heart.

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