Trade with reader Steve

Steve came across my tradelist on Zistle and saw a few items that he wanted, so we worked out a deal. I received his cards the other day and have had a backlog, so I’m now ready to post them! I told Steve I needed late-90s Expos cards, and he provided. Did he ever!


1997 Fleer Ultra


I had no idea Lee Smith had even been an Expo. I love finds like this.


1997 Collector's Choice


And another player I’d never heard of before. It’s great to be able to add “unknown Expos” to the collection.


1997 Fleer


Hey, it’s my first 1997 Fleer card! At first I thought I wouldn’t like the matte style of the card, but I actually really like it. I think we need a set like this today.


1997 Collector's Choice

1997 Collector's Choice


Steve included some other 97 Collector’s Choice, which is good, since I didn’t have any of these going in. Between this and the Nachos Grande break, I may actually complete this team set.


1997 Pinnacle Generation Now


Pretty cool little full-bleed card. I’d never seen these before.


1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond


The elusive Brian Looney! I had heard of the guy but never seen one of his cards before. To get that, in addition to a sparkly Electric Diamond card, is pretty damn sweet.

He included some other cards that will come up when the time is right. Thanks, Steve! Your cards are on the way shortly.



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