EBay Week: Day Three

Unfortunately, a lot of cards that I ordered has still not shown up, so this party may be cut short if they don’t show up tonight. I have a few more items to post, but I’m frustrated with this guy…anyway.

2008 Upper Deck Signature Stars

Alberto Gonzalez was another player that I hadn’t been able to find an auto for. I was stoked to find this one, and the sticker’s actually not so bad, except for that little bit that bleeds over onto the photo.

2010 Topps Chrome

Storen was on my must-have list for 2010 autos. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of these chrome cards are smudging, as this one definitely was unsmudged when I bought it. I blame on-card autos on a chrome for this, so there’s not much you can really do. I’m still glad to have something from Storen.

And, of course, my Leaf set goes into this pile. I haven’t scanned anything from it, but we’ll see cards from that set soon enough.



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3 responses to “EBay Week: Day Three

  1. john bateman

    2 nice autos

  2. You already know this, but Drew Storen’s father is former nationally syndicated radio host Mark Patrick, who is kind of a total jerky smartypants.

    He was Mark Storen in high school and college but thought “Storen” was too Jewish to make it in radio in Indiana. He’s also related to Hannah Storm (nee Storen).

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