EBay Week: Day Two

Woot, more cool stuff arrived yesterday in addition to what I already had, so let’s continue to look-see…


2010 Triple Threads


Another score from the Chrome replacement purchase. This is apparently a “sepia” parallel, according to the numbering scheme. I was struck by a few things, 1. how much smaller it was than I expected – not just the card itself, which is standard size, but the swatch and the photo of Zimmerman. I finally get why people complained about the pic size, 2. it’s a lot shinier than I expected. Definitely takes a hallowed place in my collection.


2005 Leaf Limited


I picked this one up as a “replacement hit” for a group break I signed up for with Thorzul back in September. I got a base Jose Guillen card out of that, so I thought I’d get a GU from that set. It’s actually part of a patch, which is kind of hard to tell here, but it’s made of a different material than a jersey swatch. Only one color, but still cool.


2005 Studio


Josh Karp is one of those weird guys who barely played for the inaugural team. I’m not even sure if a lot of them have autographed cards, and I thought that about Karp until I saw this. When I see this, though, I see a lost opportunity. Imagine an on-card auto with that background. How sweet would that be?

Speaking of on-card….


2007 Topps 52


Speigner has been one of those elusive autos, too, but no more! And look at this thing – the auto is in just the perfect place, on-card. I love it. Speigner may not have done much for the team, but it’s soo worth it. Oh, and it was sandwiched in between two ’08 Baseball Heroes cards, one of which was this:

Nice. Big thumbs-up for that.


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