Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/18 – Let’s Pretend Edition

As in, let’s pretend last week didn’t happen. Most of my week, in fact, felt something like this:

It was an eventful week, though, even if I barely had the strength to leave the couch. Every damn LCS game so far has been tense, and I’ve caught them all. Of course I’d do anything to avoid another Phillies-Yankees World Series, so I’m rooting on the underdogs on both sides. So far, it looks like they could make a run of it after all. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Since I was pretty much confined, one thing I could do was put my cards into pages, and so I continued work on getting the 1990 project set up. It’s presenting an interesting challenge, as things get a lot blurrier starting in 1990. Before that, you pretty much had a clear dividing line between late-season update set and mainstream set, but in 1990 you start to see products like Bowman (which admittedly started in 89 but wasn’t nearly so traded or rookie focused) and Leaf. This necessitated me to really think about the essence of what I’m trying to capture, and I think I got it down. My rules, for now, are as follows:

  1. A card depicted a traded player/free agent signee. This one’s pretty straightforward.
  2. A rookie depicted in a set labeled traded or rookies. This one can come to cover a player that debuted the previous year, but if they’re in the rookie/traded set, they’re fair game for Bowman/Leaf (or any later-issued sets like Stadium Club).
  3. A rookie who debuted in the issue year. For 1990, for instance, this covers any rookie in the 1990 Bowman set who debuted in 1990. I look at it as the equivalent of a late-issue “rookies” set.

And that’s that. Those three rules properly capture what I’m trying to do with these sets. Of course, it’s going to get murkier and murkier the further into the 90s I go, and some are just not going to be financially viable (like some of A-Rod’s 94 issues), but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…some of that stuff is just going to become mind-numbing.

And that’s all I have to say for today. Still a little sick, but I’m breathing now, at least.

Here’s a collection of links from the last five days, in no particular order:

Okay have a great day everybody. And gimme pizzzzzaaaaa…




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2 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/18 – Let’s Pretend Edition

  1. Hey, thanks for putting Smed’s Baseball Card blog on your radar! I’m actually in DC this week at a conference (in the National Harbor Gaylord).

    I just let go a whole lot of Nats to another Nats collector. But you never know what I could gather up, so I’ll keep you in mind for my Nats relics / chromes / doubles.

  2. No problem, I’ve been enjoying it for awhile! Nice place to have a conference…that’s around the city from where I live.

    Okay that sounds cool! Thanks!

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