Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/13 – Please Kill Me Edition

So sick. SO sick. So SICK. Ugh.

Anyway. Rangers into the ALCS. I didn’t have a horse in this particular race – I would have been thrilled with either team making it, though I suspect the Rangers might have a better chance of spanking the Yankees. PLEASE DO SO YANKEES. Thank you very much.

Remember my shot at being #1 in two different fantasy football leagues? Well, yeah, Percy Harvin had to be the only decent thing on the field for the Vikings, and he had to be on the other team. I think I officially give up on Randy Moss. What a waste.

Given how I feel, i think I’m just going straight into the roundup now..

  • The Priceless Pursuit got a sweet TTM from Travis Lee.
  • The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame pulled off a trade with a Beckett store. I didn’t even know such things were possible.
  • Card Corner Club had In the Game’s announcement of a baseball card line covered.
  • Autographed Cards told the tale of his Wilson Betemit auto.
  • I Am Joe Collector had an addition to the plain white envelope hall of fame. As an eBay seller, these REALLY piss me off.
  • Night Owl Cards visited a virtual card show (hint: I may have had a table set up there).
  • Kevin at Mojo and Beardy broke a box of 88 Fleer. Looks fun…if I didn’t have such a premium on space and already own the glossy set…

And that’s all for today. Have a good one. I’ll be over here barely breathing.


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