The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 21 – Texas Rangers

So let’s see, we have Jose Cecena, Ray Hayward, Larry Parrish, Jim Steels, and DeWayne Vaughan. Not exactly stars of the junior circuit, aside from Parrish, who is only in this team set because he went to the Red Sox mid-season. But hey, it’s timely with tonight’s game, right?

Cecena was a one season wonder…debuted in April 88 and was gone for good by June 88. He wasn’t a terrible pitcher, so I’m wondering if he was an injury victim.

I had no idea Steels actually appeared over three seasons, and Texas was the second of three stops for him. Not that he ever did much for these teams. His 88 season was a 9 OPS+. Sheesh.

I always thought Vaughan was supposed to be something of a big deal, but history disagrees with me. He only appeared in eight major league games with a 7.63 ERA. Yikes.

Ray Hayward was more of the same, also playing three seasons, two (86 and 87 with the Padres) and this year with the Rangers.

So yeah, a LONG way from where the Rangers are today or even where they would be in a few years with the 1990 team.

So, yeah.




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  1. The data for the Mexican League seems to be MIA. Cecena probably pitched there for many years, along with German Jiminez and German Gonzalez.

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