The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 20 – Atlanta Braves

Today we have Jose Alvarez, Ron Gant, Cesar Jimenez, Russ Nixon, Paul Runge, and John Smoltz.

The big name here, of course, is Smoltz. He was a freshly-minted Brave at this point, having been acquired late in the 1987 season. He made his debut July 23rd against the Mets and got a win. So though he would have a rocky 88, his debut actually was a preview of his excellent career.

Ron Gant was the bigger name in 1988, though, and he would have been a good choice for a player feature. He put up an impressive rookie season in 88, getting right to the cusp of a 20-20 season (19-19). His OBP was pretty good given his batting average, too.

The rest of these folks are pretty much non-entities. Jose Alvarez had been out of the majors since 82 at this point. Cesar Jimenez never made the majors; in fact, he was still in A ball at this point so his inclusion is baffling. Paul Runge was at the end of his career. Russ Nixon…well, Bobby Cox?



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2 responses to “The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 20 – Atlanta Braves

  1. That was German Jimenez. It was a blunder by Fleer! (Tell me something we don’t already now!)

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