The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 19 – Chicago White Sox

All right! Today we have Jeff Bittiger, John Davis, Dave Gallagher, Ricky Horton, Jack McDowell, Dan Pasqua, Jerry Reuss, Mark Salas, and Jose Segura.

I really wanted to do a standalone Jack McDowell post, but Melido Perez had cards in every single set, which made for a better overall post. McDowell was highly regarded in 1988, but he dropped off the radar after posting (horror of horrors) a 5-10 record with a 3.97 ERA. At age 22. Thank God we’re starting to get past the win-loss record thing, because McDowell was a very good pitcher in 1988.

Dan Pasqua turned out to be a damned good acquisition for the Pale Sox, too, leading the team with 20 home runs (you can tell it was 1988) and putting up a 101 OPS+ despite a .227 BA. Kind of Adam Dunn before Adam Dunn.

Jerry Reuss was a pretty damn good pitcher in 1988, too, putting up a 3.44 ERA and 116 ERA+. Pretty good considering he was nearing the end of his career at the time.

Jose Segura is an odd choice. He only appeared in 4 games in 1988 and ended up with a 13.50 ERA. Hell, his career ERA was over 9, and he pitched in only 22 major league games.

There were some interesting players that made their debut in 1988 but didn’t get cards, like Sap Randall. He played in four games that year, and he was done with his major league career. Carlos Martinez also made his debut in 1988; we’ll hear more from him in the 1989 Project.


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