The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 18 – Philadelphia Phillies

Okay, so today we have Phil Bradley, Danny Clay, Bob Dernier, Todd Frohwirth, Greg Harris, David Palmer, and Mike Young (not that one). These were the days when the Phillies weren’t very good all around, so this is kind of a set of rejects. Most of these players, namely Greg Harris, Phil Bradley, Mike Young, David Palmer, and Danny Clay (5 out of 7), 1988 would be their only season in a Phillies uniform.  Doesn’t say much about player acquisition in those days.

Phil Bradley would appear to be the offensive winner of this group, putting up a 110 OPS+ and a 2.0 WAR. Mike Young didn’t fare very well, only managing a 97 OPS+ (not very good for a right fielder) with a 0.2 WAR. No wonder he didn’t stick. Dernier was about the same.

Greg Harris is hands-down the best pitcher in the group. He had a 152 ERA+, which only means a little bit for a reliever, but he also managed to lead the team in WHIP with a 1.234 WHIP, which isn’t great but hey, team leader and all.

Todd Frohwirth led the team in K/9 with 8.3, but small sample size caveat applies, as he only pitched in 15 games that year. David Palmer was David Palmer (and no not THAT David Palmer), and Danny Clay…well, let’s just say there’s a reason he never made it back.

So that’s it for the Phils. Almost there now…


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