The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 16 – St. Louis Cardinals

Today we have Luis Alicea, Cris Carpenter, John Costello, Jose DeLeon, Bob Horner, Larry McWilliams, Steve Peters, Dan Quisenberry, and Scott Terry.

Man did the 88 Cardinals have some weak offense. Bob Horner was sixth on the team in home runs with THREE. I couldn’t believe that. I also didn’t realize Horner was only 30 here, in his last year in the majors. Man he aged early.

I also didn’t realize Luis Alicea was only 22 here, but he didn’t hit very well in his rookie season (or any other season, for that matter).

And hey, how about this? Larry McWilliams was fourth on the team in strikeouts, with 70 in 136 innings. Two things that team didn’t do: hit home runs or strike people out. McWilliams was a decent reliever that year, though.

Jose DeLeon led the team, though not in ways you’d want. He led the team in giving up the gopher ball, 13 in 34 games. But he also led the team in strikeouts with 208. Not a bad pickup for the team.

Steve Peters “led” the team in a way, too: he led the team in home runs surrendered per nine innings. Way to go, Steve!

And, of course, Dan Quisenberry was Dan Quisenberry, even near the end of his career. Guy rocked.


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