Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/7 – Last Call Edition

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been pondering whether my little cardboard problem is really a “problem”, and that’s spurred me on to some new ideas on not only getting rid of some of my stuff but also organizing to make it easier to get rid of said stuff. Last night I started going through the “chaff” of my collection and putting them into albums based on their team, which will make trading 100% easier.

I also started gathering up my random autos and relics, a lot of which I’ve offered as trade bait. That’s where this post comes in – this is the last call on a lot of this stuff. If you’re interested, let me know, otherwise they’re going up on eBay Sunday night. Here’s what I’m putting up this week:

2009 A&G Hand-Numbered

09 Topps Update SP

09 Spectrum

So if you’re interested either comment or email me at crimnos at gmail dot com. I’ll be listing more in the coming weeks, and I’ll be sure to show them here first. I think it’s time to turn some decent cards that I don’t really care about into some decent cards I care about.

Watched a good portion of the Twins/Yanks game. What a heartbreaker. I really though the Twins were going to pull it out, but you could also see Liriano losing steam as the sixth inning progressed. If that’s the best the Twins can offer, I’m afraid the Yankees are advancing, which sucks. Oh, and congrats to Roy Halladay – not going to write too much about it because I didn’t get to watch it, but that’s damned amazing.

Okay so let’s take a look at what ELSE happened yesterday:

And that’s all for today! Have a great one.



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2 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10/7 – Last Call Edition

  1. Steve D

    Hi! Not sure if you got it, but I emailed a couple weeks back asking if you still had the 2009 A&G National Heroes Jose Rizal card up for trade that’s listed on your Zistle. Thanks! steven dot drennen at gmail dot com.

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