Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup – 10/6 Sports Illustrated Edition

So I finally got around to scanning some more SI stuff from the 60s last night. Figured I’d share here.

That’s some cover. And for whatever reason, their idea of World Series “Coverage” is one short article. The date is crazy, though. October 1st for the World Series? Really? Well, I guess this was supposed to be a preview issue, as the Series didn’t start until the 4th. Anyway, didn’t get a whole lot of scans from that article, as there were very few photos other than this, a series of Maury Wills sliding into second at Wrigley:

What really interested me, though, is the ads:

This one blew my mind. In 1962, 1934 was just 28 years previous. To think that they were 28 years removed from Gehrig doing his thing…well, like I said, it blew my mind.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know who Allie Reynolds was til I saw this, and I still don’t get why he had this ad. Because he was a starter and a reliever? It is a mystery.

This shot is from the 1960 issue I showed the other day. Honestly, how great is that shot? Amazing.

So, on to other stuff. Today, for the first time in my four-year fantasy football career, I sit in first place in my division. I was a little worried after I screwed up the first week of the season, but I managed to pick up a few choice free agents and pull it together. It took me years to get this thing, but I’m finally starting to understand. And it’s spurring a newfound passion for football for me. Odd, that.

My other great collecting passion is video games, and the new Castlevania came out yesterday. It’s pretty good so far, with some frustrating moments. Worth the purchase, I think, though.

Anyway, let’s see what’s going on…

Okay that’s all for today, folks…have a good one!


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