Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup – 10/5, or the “WTF” edition

I have a few things to complain about this morning. The first is that my Million Card Giveaway order STILL has not shipped. This is the one that I placed on 9/1 and later found out that these cards had to be purchased on the secondary market. I learned this back in the middle of September, at which point I pretty much understood the hold-up, but at this point I could have easily found these cards on eBay or Sportslots or checkoutmycards all on my own. What’s the holdup? Honestly, if I had any other choice when it comes to cards, I would give up on Topps at this point.

And another thing…eBay sellers are the bane of my existence lately. So first I bought this Rondell White Auto. I’ll admit, I didn’t look at the guy’s feedback like I should have; I bought it on an impulse. Fast-forward to today, and I haven’t received the item, nor is he answering his email. So, to eBay buyer protection I go. We’ll see. This is the first deadbeat seller I’ve encountered in years, but it’s frustrating. Next, we have this auction. I was thrilled to get my hands on a 1953 Topps, period, and I wasn’t THAT concerned with the condition of the card. I’ve said many times it’s not that big of a deal to me. However, that doesn’t excuse tossing the card in between two pieces of cardboard and putting it in a white envelope, even for a dollar. Seriously, that’s STILL overpriced shipping when you just put a stamp on it, folks. I also think it’s a courtesy as a buyer to leave feedback indicating that. Who knows how much extra damage was done to the card? Ugh.

Anyway, I’m actually in a good mood today despite these frustrations. Why? Because I got some AWESOMELY packaged cards as well, including my first 62 Topps card and some other stuff that I’ll show off in the coming Fridays. I have to say, my vintage collection is actually starting to look somewhat respectable, and I have my eye on some other stuff.

And now, let’s see what else is going on…

There were a lot of other great posts yesterday, but I’m out of time. It was a great day overall!



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4 responses to “Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup – 10/5, or the “WTF” edition

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for the mention brother.

  2. Thanks for the link to my milestone re-cap of April. Be sure to check out May.

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