The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 13 – Montreal Expos

Finally, the Expos. In this post we look at Brian Holman, Rex Hudler, Graig Nettles, Johnny Paredes, Jeff Parrett, Luis Rivera, and Nelson Santovenia.

Holman pitched 18 games for the Expos in 1988, going 4-8 in 16 starts with a 3.23 ERA and 112 ERA+. I don’t have any particular memories of him from this period aside from getting his card in 1989 Topps Traded. He must have been an injury casualty, because he was a pretty good pitcher right up until he disappeared from the majors.

I always appreciated The Wonder Dog more when he was a player than as an announcer. He annoys me to death as an announcer, but he always struck me as a decent middle infielder. He played in 71 games for the 88 Expos and had a .715 OPS…not bad for a replacement player type of guy.

Man seeing Nettles in an Expos uniform threw me. He belongs in one of those posts about guys in the wrong uniform. The Expos were his last stop, and he had a 39 OPS+. Enough said about that one.

Johnny Paredes was one of those players that I think were supposed to be big-deal rookies, but I never got into him at all. I’ve spoken about him before, but he was pretty awful.

Jeff Parrett is one of those weird inclusions where the player had been with the team for awhile. I don’t get it. Why bother?

Luis Rivera’s inclusion is just as baffling. He had been an Expo for years at this point. I don’t get it, but I never cared for the guy as a player.

Finally, Nelson Santovenia was also supposed to be a big-deal prospect, but he busted. No loss.

The Nettles wins this round for photography; the blur effect on the bat is great. Other than that, despite these being Expos, none of these cards really bowl me over.


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