Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup 10-4

What a weekend! We went out of town to the Dayton Autumn Festival/Celebration (depending on what year it is) in Dayton, VA, my hometown. It’s mostly what you would expect: arts and crafts, tons of funnel cake, country music. The crafts interested me, and it’s so much of a tradition that I try to attend at least once every few years, but in the past there had always been this guy who sold things that weren’t quite antiques but weren’t quite junk. THAT was what I was hoping to find, and damned if he wasn’t out there again. He had some way overpriced junk wax (5 bucks for an 89 Score Tom Glavine? No thanks!), but I had a feeling he might have some undervalued treasure. Sure enough, I found a package of these things: These are tintype photographs, which were made by a process of emulsion onto a metallic surface. This made them process very quickly, kind of a Polaroid of the early photography period. They started making these in the 1850s, and the process was pretty much done with by the early 1900s, so I knew he had something special here. There was a package of 8 that he wanted 15 for, which I was quite willing to pay, being something of an amateur photography buff, but when he saw me holding it, he said he’d take ten dollars, which I was quite happy to fork over. I’ll be doing a post on the entire series, even if they’re not sports-related, because I think they’re damned fascinating. We also found an old emporium that sold ancient books and magazines. The guy who ran it was desperate for money, so I felt pretty awful taking every Sports Illustrated I could find that related to baseball off of his hands for $11 total. These things ranged from 1960 to 1965 at the “newest”. Here’s the cover of the oldest one I could find: I’ll be writing a series of posts on these magazines. Oh, and I also scored a 1969 Ernie Banks and 1970 Johnny Bench All Star card for a song from an antiques mall. All in all, it was one hell of a weekend for vintage finds. So the Nationals and the Redskins won last night. Am I happy? Yeah, pretty much ecstatic. When I realized how close the season was to ending, I wanted just one thing: for the Nationals to win their last game of the season. I know it was kind of an empty, symbolic thing, but I didn’t care. Sometimes empty, symbolic things are all we really have, anyway. And hey, the Redskins looked great yesterday, for once! There is hope after all. Now to cheer the Giants through the playoffs…

Had a moment of reflection this weekend on whether I have a problem when it comes to baseball cards. I’m still pondering this issue. There are some hallmarks of it, in that I have spent more than I meant to on more than one occasion, and on things that I really just shouldn’t have bought (blaster boxes are a particular trap). I can’t deny that’s an issue. But at the same time, examining them and writing about them are really healthy outlets for me. Well, I’ll just keep an eye on it.

Okay, now for the blog roundup…

And that’s all she wrote. Have a great day…


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