Morning Coffee and the Blog Roundup

Morning, everybody. Just dropped my car off to have the gas tank replaced, an ever-so-expensive repair, so I’m stuck working from home for the day. I say stuck because I’m one of those weirdos who actually prefers being in the office. There’s something about the social aspect of work that’s important to me, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, I’m here to talk sports, not jobs.

Well, well. Ryan Zimmerman called Jim Riggleman out for calling players out. GOOD. I never understood why Riggleman was whining to the press about this stuff in the first place. These things happen at every single job, even very public companies in which these sort of issues would make for good press fodder, and no one goes talking to the media about it. Now obviously some of this is different because sports lies in the realm of entertainment, but if you can avoid making a public circus of this stuff, why not do it? Why seek that out. It’s one of the many things I haven’t liked about Riggleman and why I was disappointed to hear he was coming back next year. I think it’s also awesome to see Zim showing some leadership; I think he’s earned that place after playing for the teams he’s played for.

The Reds got tattled on for smoking cigars after clinching. Really? REALLY?? This sport was always linked to tobacco – I mean hell, we’re celebrating stuff that was originally promotional items for cigarettes. And how about this stuff:

I mean, I get it, I don’t like indoor smoking either, but come on. I just don’t know what else to say to it.

Heading out of town this evening, so the updates will be sparser than usual for the weekend. I don’t have anything queued up for Saturday or Sunday. I may get around to writing one, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for awhile, so I’m not going to push myself.

Okay, now time for the roundup…

  • Trade Bait – The Great Chase! had an interesting little post on the odds of 2010 Razor Rookie Retro. I’ve made my opinion on the set clear, but I thought this was a cool way to let people know the odds of pulling their white whale.
  • Hey That’s Mine! posted some new customs. Customs always get respect from me. I wish I could find my old store of them. I guess I should search some old cds…
  • Wrigley Wax talked about 1992 Pinnacle subsets. Jackie Gleason face!
  • Section 36 wished Jeremy Giambi (aka the crappy one) a happy 36th birthday.
  • Baseball Cards Come to Life talked about Dion James’ bird-killing ways.
  • Great Sports Name Hall of Fame traded with Night Owl and got a David Letterman card (the one with the Pepsi can).
  • Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius visited Field of Dreams, the infamous Mall of America card shop. I was shocked to recognize that place! I went there back in the 90s on an ill-fated trip to the Twin Cities and they were expensive back then, too.
  • Mark’s Ephemera posted….yeah, it’ll make you cry. And chuckle. Just look.
  • The Phillies Room posted a Scrapbook Sunday on a Thursday (what). Ahh the memories of the crappy Phillies.
  • Night Owl Cards pondered the Mystery of Fernando. I’d love to know more about this.

…Aaaaand that’s it. Have a swell weekend, I’ll catch up on Monday…


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