The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 12: Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals

Juan Agosto, Buddy Bell, John Fishel, Louie Meadows, Terry Puhl, and Rafael Ramirez. It seems the Astros actually made some deals/called up some rookies, but the only manufacturer to notice that year was Fleer. That Buddy Bell card is hilarious, though. The airbrush is just too damned much. Ramirez was the only regular, but Bell was the best hitter of the group.

So who do we have here? Floyd Bannister, Bill Buckner, Scotti Madison, Mike MacFarlane, Jeff Montgomery, Ted Power, Israel Sanchez, Pat Tabler, and Gary Thurman. The 88 Royals were 88-74, and some of these guys really helped out. Madison was an odd choice, as he only appeared in 16 games. The best hitter here was Pat Tabler, who had a 109 OPS+, followed closely by Mike MacFarlane, who had a 102 OPS+, amazing for a rookie. The best pitcher was Jeff Montgomery, with a 117 ERA+. Good pickups for the Royals.


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