The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 10: New York Yankees

So let’s see who we have today. John Candelaria, Jack Clark, Richard Dotson, Roberto Kelly, Rafael Santana, Steve Shields, and Don Slaught.

Might as well get the rookie out of the way first. Roberto Kelly was a pretty significant rookie that year, one of many highly-touted Yankees outfield prospects from the 80s and early 90s (Gerald Williams, anyone?). He didn’t exactly set the world on fire in 88, hitting .247/.272/.364, and would never reach the heights predicted for him, but he had a reasonably good career.

Steve Shields hadn’t really done much up until his time with the Yankees, and didn’t do much with them, either; his 1.5+ WHIP attests to that. He was gone to Minnesota by 1989.

Jack Clark was a pretty big “get” for the Yankees, though. He was fresh off of St. Louis’s world series appearance and a career year, but he didn’t do much for the Yankees, hitting just .242/.381/.433 before he was dealt to the Padres (we’ll see that in the 89 project).

Rafael Santana had been kicking around the majors for awhile, spending most of his career with the Mets. He was part of a pretty minor trade, and ended up hitting .240/.289/.294 in what would be his last full ML season.

John Candelaria would also be regarded as a big free agent signing, and he panned out for the Yankees that year, going 13-7 with a 3.38 ERA, 121 K, and a 1.102 WHIP.

Rich Dotson came to the Yankees from the White Sox and had an okay-ish 88, going 12-9 with a 1.462 WHIP.

Don Slaught came from the Rangers and spent two years with the Yanks. He hit .283/.334/.450 as a backup catcher in 88. Pretty damn impressive for a backup catcher, in fact!

Okay, officially halfway to the end. I’m ready.


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