The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 10: San Francisco Giants

Not many Giants in the 88 Project, for whatever reason. My guess? They were gearing up for the big playoff run in 89 and didn’t really need to add too many pieces.

Anyway, so we have Randy Bockus, Kirt Manwaring, Donnell Nixon, Ernest Riles, and Roger Samuels. Quite the mixed bag.

Bockus actually made the majors in 86, but only got in a handful of games before getting into 20 games, all in relief, in 88. He had a 1-1 record with 18 Ks in 32 innings. Oh and a 1.5+ Whip. Yikes! Manwaring, of course, would go on to have a decent career. In 1988, he was a wee rookie, playing in only 40 games, wherein he hit .250/.279/.336. He never really hit much better than that, but he was a reliable backup. Donnell Nixon, Otis’s less flaky brother, was also a rookie in 88, coming over from Seattle as a player to be named later. He hit .346/.420/.385 in 59 games for the Giants that year, looking promising, but he never really managed to stick in the majors. Roger Samuels  barely had a major league career. 1988  was his rookie year, and he pitched in 15 games, all in relief. He had a 3.47 ERA and 22 Ks in 23 IP to go with a 1.029 WHIP. He barely pitched in the majors after that. What happened? Ernie Riles is the only veteran of this group, having joined the Giants from Milwaukee. He hit .294/.323/.401 with the Giants in 88 and became an important part of the team that went to the World Series in 89.

All in all, while not a large entry, it’s interesting to see some of these guys here, especially the ones with barely any career to speak of. Wonder if they treasure these cards?


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