Morning Coffee and The Blog Roundup

Time to wipe the bleary eyes and get at it again. I still haven’t gotten around to scanning the cards that I received in the trades, unfortunately. My life is so hectic now between work, this blog, writing a novel, and selling part-time on Amazon that things tend to slip between the cracks. That’s why my posting schedule has been reduced somewhat and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It’s especially rough as it’s a critical time at work and that takes most of attention, for obvious, good reasons. I still want this post to remain a steady force, however, if nothing else.

So the Rangers are definitely in the playoffs. Good for them. It’s hard not to wish them success, with the whole Senators link, but I can say the same for the Twins as well.

Apparently Bryce Harper is “not ready” for the Fall Instructional League. Word is he looked terrible against pitching out there, and now the Nats are not sure what to do with him. Doesn’t bode well…

I don’t trust Brandon Jacobs to start on one of my fantasy football teams. So why am I holding on to him? I don’t know, but I’m having a really difficult time letting him go. I do have my eye on a few bargains that I think will have good weeks, but I’m low in the pecking order in that league. I’m fairly happy with my team in Cardboard Collectors on the Gridiron, but I just made some dumb mistakes on who to start this week. Oh, well. Better luck next week.

And now to see what’s going on around the card-o-sphere:

And that’s it for today! Have a great one out there.



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2 responses to “Morning Coffee and The Blog Roundup

  1. I love morning coffee and the blog roundup… Thanks for the shout out!

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