Morning Coffee and the Weekend Blog Round-Up

What a weekend. The Redskins…well, it was simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating to watch. I think it’s obvious at this point that this isn’t a playoff team, though. Yet again. I’m happy though, as it looks like all of my fantasy football teams are going to win. Excellent. I believe this is my fourth season playing, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. It also helps a lot to have two out of my three teams easy to manage on my phone.

I keep seeing headlines about Ryan Zimmerman being kept out of the lineup, so it looks like they’re going to do what I thought they should: keep him out to the end of the year. It’s not long now, anyway.

Oh, also received a few trades in the mail on Friday. It was a busy weekend for me, though, so I’ll have to scan them in and post them tonight/tomorrow. For now, thanks to Cards on Cards and Tribecards! You guys rock!

Now let’s take a look at what transpired on the blogs over the weekend…

Have a great day, everybody!


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