Former National: Travis Hughes

2006 Upper Deck

Travis Hughes is another one of those oddball Nationals that had very few cards in the uniform, but that’s because he was a middle reliever who didn’t play very many games with the Nationals. He was a 19th round pick by the Rangers in the 97 draft, so he wasn’t exactly a ballyhooed pitching prospect to begin with. He pitched as a starter in the Rangers organization up until 2003, with a mediocre 46-47 record in those five years. He reacted well to the conversion to the bullpen after a rocky 2004 in which he finally made his major league debut at the age of 26. He got bombed in his appearance, and the Nationals scooped him up off of waivers the next April. He pitched in 14 games for the Nationals that year, putting up a 5.54 ERA and a -0.1 WAR. He spent the majority of ’06 in AAA, pitching 8 games at the major league level. After that, he was done with the majors. His ML career ERA stands at 6.31, a 69 ERA+, and a -0.3 WAR. So, not a very notable major leaguer. He spent 2007 at AAA Pawtucket for the Red Sox, then went to the Japanese League (NPL), where he wasn’t much better. He spent last year with York of the Atlantic League, and I think that was his last year, as I can’t find information on where he might be this year.

I’m fascinated with players like this…it’s fascinating to see these fringe careers and where they go, so I’m grateful to receive their cards.


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