Former Expo: Mel Rojas

1995 Pinnacle

I have to admit that when Mel Rojas started his career back in 1990, I didn’t think he would be a long-term Major Leaguer. I saw Howard Farmer as the better candidate, and they pretty much inverted my expectations. Of course, Rojas was a reliever all his career, but he was a pretty good reliever. His career whip was 1.267, and he averaged 7.6 K per IP over his career. His overall strikeout to walk ratio was pretty good too, as it stood at 2.21 for his career, and that was dragged down by some bad years at the end.

But the most interesting thing about Rojas is his familial ties. Mel’s brother, Francisco Rojas, was a minor league outfielder, his son, Mel Rojas Jr., was a third-round pick by the Pirates this year, and he’s cousin of Moises AlouJose Alou and Felipe Alou Jr., as well as nephew of MattyJesus, and Felipe Alou. What a pedigree!


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