Washington Senators Friday: Tim Cullen

1970 Topps

Tim Cullen had a fairly short career, most of it as a Senators player. When he appeared on this card, he had just hit .209/.253/.249 in 1969. That’s a .502 OPS. Ewww. His WAR was -1.3 that season. It speaks a lot of the quality of the Senators infield that he got 123 games in 1970 after that performance, hitting .214/.301/.279, oddly quite the improvement. Even for a second baseman in his era, though, he wasn’t very good, and was released after the team became the Rangers. In another oddity, he was traded in February 1968 he was traded to the White Sox but then traded back to the Senators in early August 1968. I guess the Senators just couldn’t get enough of him?

I do like this card, though. It’s the combination of the old-school batting helmet, which you don’t see on these cards very often, and the style of dress in the background. Pretty cool.



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2 responses to “Washington Senators Friday: Tim Cullen

  1. That’s one mean looking batting glove he has on.

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