Some thoughts…

Just wanted to collect a few thoughts from the past week. Some of these you’ve seen on the blog, but I wanted to put them in one place.

  1. The Million Card Giveaway. Kind of hashed it out and it makes sense that Topps wouldn’t have all the old commons on hand, waiting until someone requested delivery. I’m still eagerly awaiting these cards, though, so the waiting is driving me insane.
  2. eBay shippers. Really, now. I won a 51 Bowman card the other day (which will get featured here shortly, paid $2.00 shipping, and the guy sent me a white envelope special. He did at least have the foresight to attach it to a thick cardboard backing, but one stamp was enough to send it. This crap is annoying. I’m going to start noting it in feedback.
  3. The Nationals. Finally won a game. It’s about damn time.
  4. Baseball Cards. Starting to annoy me. I mean, I love the ones that I collect, but all the chaff is getting on my nerves. Any suggestions outside of trading? I’m trading but the stuff isn’t going fast enough.
  5. TribeCards. Your cards are going in the mail too! I promise!
  6. Redskins. Lost…sucks…whatever.
  7. Work. Way too busy. May have to cut down on number of posts.
  8. Thorzul’s Group Break. Hey, at least I got something.

I think that’s it for now.



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2 responses to “Some thoughts…

  1. Tim

    The chaff kills me too! Especially now, when I know a lot of Red Sox collectors, for example, but then they don’t need the Red Sox I have since they’re all bad wax.

    My best ideas now (after Ebay didn’t work) are to either donate/trade them to a hobby shop (see if I can trade 800 junk wax cards for 1-2 base singles of Tyronn Lue or something) or donate them to a children’s hospital or something. I know a few bloggers have donated to kids in the past.

    Otherwise, I don’t know man. My boxes are too filled right now too and it’s crazy!

    • Not too many card shops where I live anymore, but the children’s hospital idea…yeah, I like that one a lot. I think I’ll make some calls in the next few days, see if someone would like a big donation.

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