1987 Fleer/Fleer Glossy #4

Man, Tim Raines was amazing in 1986 and 1987. I never understood just how amazing. In 86, he led the league in BA and in OBP, and also stole 70 bases. Hell, he had a 5.3 WAR. Career-wise, he was worth 64.6 wins above replacement, which puts him in the same strata as players like Ozzie Smith and Ernie Banks. Put Rock in the hall already!

Jeff Reardon saved 31 games in 1987, but his ERA was 4.48. Imagine how many inherited runners he must have allowed to score if his ERA was that high. Not his finest moment, for sure.

I never understood why Luis Rivera was in the 88 Topps Traded set when he had 1987 cards. Fun fact, though: he had a 5 OPS+ in 1987. Yikes. Oh, and since that’s the Padres in the background, we can pinpoint this game to sometime between August 19th and 21st, 1986, when the Expos played at Jack Murphy. Big shocker, he went hitless in that series.

Finally, Bob Sebra. Bob was a lot better than I thought he was. He may have lost 15 games in 1987, but the Expos were pretty damn abysmal back then, having lost the Hawk. He had a 96 ERA+, just below league average. Not bad for a back-of-the-rotation starter. He sucked after that, but for 87, he was enough.


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