Another Bowman Red Unnumbered Card Saga Post

Following up again, reader Donovan purchased one of the uncut red sheets, and provided pictures for everyone. He also said:  “Remember when buying 2009 Bowman Red 1/1′s to closely examine the stamp as there was a minimum of 20 sheets cut up and I know of 4 uncut sheets.”

Good to know….



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3 responses to “Another Bowman Red Unnumbered Card Saga Post

  1. Players on the sheet-

    Swisher Cruz Markakis Greinke A. Ramirez Utley Galarraga Dunn Sanchez Zimmerman Parnell Ibanez Cook Berkman Victorino Jacobs Dewitt Outman Atkins Polanco Bedard Longoria Cueto Wells Webb Reyes Davis Francoeur Fowler Weaver Maysonet Soriano Bradley Ordonez Abreu Sandoval Fielder Jaso Duchscheror C.Young Kotchman Belliard Posada Beltran Furcal Youkilis Rodriguez Martinez Drew Byrd Hughes DeJesus Braun Beckett M. Ramirez C. Young Herdon Hermida Ellsbury Miranda Garza Kershaw D. Lee Lincecum Griffey Jr. Hardy Jurrjens Pena Jeter Hudson C. Lee Nady Molina Volquez Molina Soto Konerko Maine Coke Jones McClouth Cano Olsen Werth Smith Drew Carpenter Morneau Sabathia Figgins Perez Dye Ka’Aihue Moyer Kazmir Bay Gamel Martis Zambrano Holliday Delgado Antonelli Cantz Cain Baisley Damon H. Ramirez Dempster

  2. I have pics of the shipping box. The sheet I posted, 106 of them were sent to one card shop!!!!

    44 different Red sheets from that set were also sent as well…

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