So here’s what I found out…

I don’t know if this is public knowledge or not, but apparently all those Million Card Giveaway cards aren’t just sitting around Topps HQ. I guess I should have known this, and yet I was still surprised to learn that my delayed shipment of cards is due to them not having the cards. See the contents of the following email from Topps Support:


Thank you for your inquiry. Please note some older cards in your order had to be re acquired in the secondary market in order to uphold our standards of quality. This process has taken longer than expected, we thank you for your patience and anticipate the order will be going out within the next few weeks.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team…

So, yeah, did I miss this being common knowledge?



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3 responses to “So here’s what I found out…

  1. Tim

    Whoa, did not know that. Very weird.

  2. I figured that they would have the biggies on hand – the Mantle & Mays cards, for example.

    Otherwise, I guessed that they would pick up the commons & semi-stars to meet their needs. Why get stuck with a bunch of cards at the end of the promotion that people won’t want to pay to have shipped to them?

    • Good point, Paul. I didn’t even think about it that way. To expand on that, I think they had a lot of the newer stuff (1980s-onward) on stock, as my other orders shipped very quickly. I only really hit a snag here because this is an entirely vintage order…nothing newer than, I think, 1978. That’s probably due to the whole price threshold thing. Why bother to acquire these up front when they’re a bit pricier for a common?

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