1987 Fleer/Fleer Glossy #2

Tom is one of those players who is ubiquitous throughout the 80s Expos sets, but I never took the time to actually look at his career. Aside from traded sets, this actually would have been his first card in an Expos uniform, as the ‘spos acquired him in the middle of the 86 season. He had an 87 OPS+ in the latter half of 86, which was pretty much par for the course with him. He was always more of a glove guy, I think.

The Big Cat will never not be awesome. Period. This is actually his Fleer rookie, so I thought it was pretty cool. He was coming off of a solid rookie campaign here, and would improve on it in 1987. Good card to have.

I looked at Joe recently with the 89 Upper Deck set, but it’s interesting to note that he was far, far better in the mid 80s, save for 1986. Just look at his ERA+s for 1984-1988: 194, 138, 75 (that would be his crappy 86), 136, 127. Then he just falls off the face of the earth. I suspect an injury was to blame.

Wallace was another member of the illustrious 89 Upper Deck set. A second baseman who was converted to a first baseman, Wallace never hit well enough to man first, honestly. I have no idea why the Expos stuck with him so long.

Wayne was all over the 86 Update sets, which confused the hell out of me when I got the team sets. Who was this guy, and why did every company find it so important to include him? Surprisingly, he had been kicking around the majors for awhile at this point. How did I miss him? As for why he was suddenly so important, I haven’t a clue. I thought he might have had a breakout season or something, but 1986 was a weak season for him. Anyone have an idea?


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