The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 3: Boston Red Sox

Welcome to the Boston Red Sox portion of the programming. Hope you enjoy.

Starting with the rookies as always…

Jody Reed is definitely the most noteworthy of this crop of rookies. Drafted by the Red Sox in the 8th round of the 1984 draft, Jody would go on to a productive career with the Bosox, and in 1988 he hit .293/.380/.376 with some slick fielding to garner a 3.7 WAR.

Steve Curry, on the other hand, was a one-year wonder. Drafted one round ahead of Reed in 1984, Curry only appeared in three major league games, all of them in 1988. His career ERA was 8.18 with a -0.1 WAR.

John Trautwein was another one-year wonder, a rule-five pick out of the Expos organization. He had a 9.00 ERA in 1988, appearing in a grand total of nine games before the Expos made a deal. He had a -0.1 WAR.

And the vets…

Larry Parrish was in the twilight of his career. The Rangers released him on July 9th, and the Red Sox picked him up on July 19th. He would play 52 games for Boston, mostly at first base, and hit .259/.298/.424 for a -0.4 WAR. Poor guy.

Rick Cerone was also in his latter years. Signed as a free agent in April, he hit .269/.326/.360 in 84 games for a 0.4 WAR.

Lee Smith probably belongs in the Hall of Fame. There, I said it. He was traded for Al Nipper and Calvin Schiraldi in the offseason, and ended up having a subpar season (for him at least). He had 29 saves and a 2.80 ERA, but he had a 1.303 WHIP and an inflated BB/9. He ended up with a 1.4 WAR. I guess nothing to sneeze at, but not that great, either.

Mike Smithson was another aging player (I see a pattern here) who signed as a free agent and went 9-6 with a 5.97 ERA. He had an anemic 69 ERA+ and a -1.3 WAR. Yuck.

Dennis Lamp is our last Red Sox player. He still had a few more years in him, but he was almost near the end of the line as well. He went 7-6 with a 3.48 ERA in 82.2 IP, but he also had a 1.343 WHIP and a 0.4 WAR.

So let’s take them all together, and we get 4.2 WAR, which we’ll round down to around 3.5 WAR for the lot. The Red Sox finished one game up on Detroit that year, so take away these guys, and the Tigers end up in the playoffs. Fascinating to think about…how would the A’s have handled the Tigers?



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2 responses to “The 1988 Project Phase 2 Day 3: Boston Red Sox

  1. Jody Reed was supposed to lead the crop of young stars that would turn the Red Sox into a dynasty in the early 90’s. It never happened. Those “young stars” (Greenwell, Burks, Reed, Marzano, Horn, Benzinger) are why I will always trade potential for talent. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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