1987 Fleer/Fleer Glossy #1

This is technically the 87 Fleer Glossy set, but my perspective was that if I was going to buy one 1987 Fleer team set, I was going for the glossy, and there’s no difference when it comes to online scans; the only advantage is that the pictures are crisper with a glossy scan.

A word about 87 Fleer, though. This is probably my favorite of all 80s sets before 1989 Upper Deck. There’s something so classic about those borders, so “80s”, that I’ll always have a soft spot for it, so getting this team set was something special.

I always thought of Dann Billardello as a Pirate, so I was surprised to see him in an Expos uniform. And he did only spend one season as an Expo, 1986, when he hit .194/.249/.283 in 79 games. Think a backup catcher like this would make a card set these days? I doubt it. He’d most likely be bumped for another Derek Jeter or A-Rod card.

On this card, Hubie was coming off of a career year in 1986. It was a year in which he hit .340/.388/.569 with 14 home runs and 4.3 WAR. Not bad for a shortstop, though his iron skillet glove would get him moved off of the position after 1987.

1986 was an okay year for Burke, but in 1987 he would truly shine. While he only saved 18 games in the pre-Eckersley closer era (which isn’t that bad), he had a 1.19 ERA and a 2.59 Fielding Independent (FIP) ERA, which means while the Expos defense may have aided him some, he was a legitimately good reliever that year, with a 2.4 WAR.

Ahh, the Hawk. How could you forget the Hawk? 1986 was Dawson’s last year as an Expo, so he was due a Fleer Update card (and got one). Unfortunately the Hawk did not soar to his previous heights in his last year as an Expo, hitting only .284/.338/.478, which is nothing to sneeze at, but well off of the marks of 1980-1983. It’s an irony that Dawson’s best work was well before the MVP, and it was only getting to 49 homers in Wrigley that earned him the MVP when he was smacking the ball around a lot more before that.

Mike Fitzgerald was the Brian Schneider of his days. Never that good, but always there based on reputation. 1986 had been a decent year for Mike, one in which he hit .282/.364/.440.


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