The Scanning Process

I’ve received a few compliments on my scans of cards, so I thought I’d just do a quick little walkthrough of how I scan and then process cards in Photoshop using a 1986 Topps Hubie Brooks card. I thought this just might be a fun little exercise.

The raw scan

This is the original scan, scanned from a nine-pocket page. First step is to rotate the picture and crop.

Rotated, Cropped

Now let’s resize and auto contrast.

Resize, Auto Contrast

Starting to get there now – the photo is becoming clearer. Now I bump the midtone levels up a bit, and adjust the levels to brighten slightly.

Midtones and Levels Adjusted

Now set the vibrance to 100, with a 3 saturation, and sharpen.

Vibrance, Sharpen

Flatten image, and you’re done! In some cases, I would remove the moire effect you’re seeing, but I think 1986 Topps demands that the moire remain.


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