Mail Call!

Oh yeah, yesterday was a sweet mail day, probably the last I’ll have for awhile, as spare cash is drying up in advance of a car repair *sigh*. First up I got Stephen Strasburg’s Syracuse card from this year:

I think this is just team-issued, but man, it’s kind of snazzy, and I like the Syracuse uniforms. Definitely a worthy addition to the collection. But this is what I was really excited about:

Yep, that’s a 2009 SP Jordan Zimmermann auto, my fourth Zimermann auto overall. It’s not my favorite autographed card of his, but it is pretty far up there, even for being a sticker auto. I feel like the sticker is handled fairly well. Even though it cuts off some of his legs, it’s not enough to really keep the “meat” of the photo from being the focus. I think that vaults it above a couple of my other autos for that reason alone.

It’s nice to be able to pick these things up now and then. I’ll have to scan in my new Ross Detwiler auto sometime soon.


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