2009 O-Pee-Chee and O-Pee-Chee Black #2

Ahh, Cristian. You were a good National, and I’ll miss you, but I think between Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa, we got shortstop and second base covered. Cristian’s sucked in Texas, and I wonder if his career is nearing the end. I sure hope not, but he is getting there age-wise. Poor guy. I’ll always remember him for hitting .400 in one of my baseball video games.

This could be an entertaining game. Let’s see how many (or few) of these guys are still Nationals one year later. Joel’s been pretty good for Pittsburgh so far. I’m happy for him; his story was pretty good, coming back from basically being abandoned by the Dodgers.

Willie hasn’t been very good for the Nats this year. But hey, at least he’s still a National.

Austin has played for Cleveland and New York this season, not actually doing too bad. I have to be honest, as good as he may have been, I’m glad he’s gone. He was such a frustrating player to watch. You got the feeling he was capable of more than he was putting out there. Hell, he might have felt the same, who knows?

So out of four Nationals, only one is still with the team, and he’s marginal. One year later. The face of the team is definitely changing, and I like it.


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