Twin Peaks: Lynchian

Interesting that Catherine and Josie go together in this post and are placed so closely to each other in the set, with the Packard Saw Mill in between. I’m sure that’s intentional. I’m not crazy about Catherine’s character.

And Pete, poor Pete, I don’t know how he put up with the woman, honestly. Even if he was a huge dope.

Blue Pine Lodge – never caught on to that. Lynch uses the color blue to denote something either supernatural or of particular significance. We’ve started noticing how often it shows up and how pointed it is when it shows up in Twin Peaks.

Finally, Josie Packard. I’m guessing some of her true story was obscured as the show hadn’t quite finished its run yet. Again, not crazy about her character, either. Not an incredible post today, unfortunately. There are better ones to come…


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